2 Hours At Gantry Plaza State Park

2 Hours At Gantry Plaza State Park

When you go on vacation you always see so many things, either because you have a detailed itinerary or because you are so busy walking and exploring.  When you’re at home, living your regular life, you always just stick to the same places, most likely because you figure that since you live there you’ll get to see it eventually.  I was looking up places online and came across Gantry Plaza State Park.  It looked interesting and it turns out that’s where the huge Pepsi Cola sign is located.  I’ve seen it from the M14D bus.  It looks really impressive at night when everything is all lit up.  I had a few hours to spare one day, so I grabbed my camera and headed out.

7/12/18, 55mm photography, a7Rii, bistro francais, color photography, Gantry Plaza State Park, Long Island City, mural, parking rates, Queens, Sony, street art, sunflower, woman

After I came out of the trains station and was trying to find the park I saw this mural in the parking lot of a restaurant.

7/12/18, 55mm photography, a7Rii, candid, color photography, Gantry Plaza State Park, Long Island City, Queens, shaggy haired dog, Sony, street photography, walking and texting, walking the dog


I love dogs and this dog looked so cute, but I wonder how he can see with all that hair in front of his eyes.  My favorite dogs are German Shepards and chocolate labs.  A guy in my neighborhood used to have two pit bulls and they were the sweetest, most playful dogs ever.  They were still practically babies, so they loved attention.





7/12/18, 55mm photography, a7Rii, bird, bokeh, bread, color photography, Gantry Plaza State Park, Long Island City, no people shots, Queens, Sony

I guess this bird just wasn’t hungry. 😀  A family was there, giving pieces of bread to the birds.  All of the birds went for it, except for this bird.  He was just not interested.

7/12/18, 55mm photography, a7Rii, candid, color photography, eating, Gantry Plaza State Park, law chairs, Long Island City, Queens, red, Sony, street photography

This girl is so me.  Everybody else is there with their friends, enjoying the weather, having fun, and here she is, sitting by herself and eating her food.  Food and solitude are two of the best things in life 😆 Don’t get me wrong.  I love hanging out by myself but I also love being with my family.  My brother Vin is so funny that I will forever laugh at movies, that aren’t even comedies, just because he does such good impressions of the people in them.

7/12/18, 55mm photography, a7Rii, beard, candid, color photography, designer, Gucci, horse and rider, Manhattan, Mercer St., NYC, polo shirt, shopping bags, Soho, Sony, street photography, sunglasses

As pretty as it was over there, a few hours is more than enough time to explore the park so I headed back to Manhattan.  I had a craving for Georgetown Cupcake because one of their monthly specials cupcakes is lemon blueberry and that’s one of my favorite flavors.  You know you’re in Manhattan when you spot people walking with lots of bags from designer stores.  I used to want to have that life but then I discovered my love of travel and now my money goes towards travel.  (And food. 😆 )  Still, I like their style.  Color coordinated, catchy but not flashy.

7/12/18, 55mm photography, a7Rii, black and white photography, blonde hair, candid, electronic cigarette, Manhattan, Mercer St., NYC, reflective, shift dress, Soho, Sony, stairs, street photography, sunglasses, texting

This is my absolute favorite shot of the day.  I was trying to get a smoking picture for my Photingo card and I figured an electronic cigarette was a nice twist.  Any time I see electronic cigarettes I think of that episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  (don’t judge me!  haha) with Allison DuBois.  I haven’t watched that show in years but that was a damn funny episode.

I’ve been forcing myself to go out and not get too complacent at home.  When the weather is hot and humid most of the time, it’s easy to let the lure of air conditioning keep you inside, but warm weather means more people outside, which means better pictures, which can help you revive your photography mojo since it gives you more opportunities to catch something interesting.


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