6th Avenue To The Lower East Side

6th Avenue To The Lower East Side

As the weather is getting hotter, it seems that we’re all craving ice cream.  I have a soft spot in my heart for Dairy Queen, aka DQ.  I remember when I was living in Michigan when I was 18, I used to go to Dairy Queen almost every day.  Yeah, my eating habits have never been particularly healthy, especially back then.  I’ve mentioned before how much I love s’mores, and they had this thing called S’mores Galore Parfait.  If you can’t remember that exact item name, then that gives you a clue as to how old I am. 😆 I went there so much that the girls that worked there already knew my order and how I liked it prepared.  “S’mores galore parfait and not a lot of hot fudge at the bottom.”  I am not a picky person but there would always be this massive mound of hot fudge at the bottom, about 1/2 inch thick, no lie.  I remember one time I walked up to the counter and the girl had already grabbed a cup and started making the s’mores galore parfait before I even said anything, and we both started laughing.  This time around I got one of the summer blizzards, strawberry cheesecake.  Absolutely delicious.

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After that delicious, but calorie filled, blizzard, I decided to walk home to burn off some of those calories.  As soon as I stepped outside, this woman was walking by.  I had just switched on my camera so I wasn’t sure if the shot would come out blurry, but thankfully it didn’t.  Whoever the party is for is one lucky person.  Heart shaped balloons and Georgetown Cupcake.  My idea of heaven.  My favorite cupcake of theirs is coffee cookies and cream.  I send my niece Morgana a box of cupcakes every year for her birthday and everyone loves them.

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This would have been a cool submission for the tattoos/body art category for the group, but I’m happy with my choice.  I do like the workmanship of her ink.  Some people have shoddy looking tattoos, but these are pretty nice.  The people who’ve done my niece Gel’s tattoos have done really good work as well.


55mm photography, a7Rii, black and white photography, candid, digital photography, documentary, flip flops, floppy hat, flowers, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, Sony, street photography, tattoos





Another interesting choice for tattoos/body art but it was taken from too far away.  I was walking down the street, trying to get closer, but wouldn’t have had time to take the shot before someone walked through the picture or she noticed me, so I took it from where I was.  I do like the pose that she’s doing.  I wonder if she was waiting for someone or if she was just resting.



55mm photography, a7Rii, candid, color photography, digital photography, documentary, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, orange, Sony, sticker

I thought about putting this one in black and white, but it just looks so vibrant in color.  I wonder if the sticker on the middle one was peeled off or if it came off because of age/the weather.  It seems like they’re always doing some kind of construction, especially on the lower east side.

55mm photography, a7Rii, architecture, buildings, candid, color photography, digital photography, documentary, Freedom Tower, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, NYC skyline, Sony

Normally I don’t stand in the middle of the street to get pictures because it’s just an unnecessarily dangerous thing to do, but there were no cars coming and it was a one way street.  The view is pretty impressive.

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This reminds me of when I would go to Coney Island during the summer and you’d see the art walls, some of them being worked on by the artists.  It really is interesting to see the art as it’s being made.


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