Why Hello There!

Hi! My name is Christi Lynn and welcome to my blog, Diary of an Introvert. I created this blog to document my life and to share my writing. Who knows what will go on here and how often, though I’m gonna try for once a week at least. But I guess I should start with some information about me:

I am currently a second semester sophomore at Bob Jones University studying Biblical Counseling with a concentration in Youth Ministry (that’s a mouthful). I’m a small town girl and the oldest of five children. I’m dating this really amazing man, Luke Darling (yes, that is actually his last name), who I will probably end up mentioning quite often on here. I also have several really awesome best friends: Abbigayle, Abby, and Priscilla. I play guitar and ukulele, as well as sing and write my own songs. I write poetry and short stories but I started a novel senior year of high school that I will hopefully finish eventually. My main hobbies are music, writing, and any kind of art (but I LOVE painting with acrylic).

My man and I
Left to right: Priscilla, me, Abbigayle, and Abby

I am so excited to see where this blog goes and what happens over the next however long I do this project. I hope you enjoy coming along for the journey of my weird, awkward, and introverted life. Go spread some love!

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