A Rainy Day

“Rain, rain, go away, come back another day.”

This is literally how I feel right now. Abby and are currently holed up in the Den, a kind of food and game place in the middle of campus, because we didn’t want to walk through the pouring rain to the Dining Common. A dirty chia and a donut are my breakfast instead of my normal grits, fruit, and coffee. Abby is eating sushi and yogurt which is like the most interesting combo I’ve seen her create.

We actually managed to get a booth which was rare and lucky because a bunch of people came in a few minutes ago and now the Den is filled with people. A smile came with it though in the form of our friend Leah. So now she is eating breakfast with us and avoiding the rain until chapel.

Why are there so many people? Like honestly. Too many people on this campus sometimes and I get claustrophobic in crowds. The only good thing about the bunches of people is that I can watch them. It’s a really fun hobby to people-watch.

Also there is a freshman guy that is using a 1 gallon tea jug to carry water in and I’m perturbed. Who drinks that much water?

I hope the rain stops slows down after chapel. I don’t want to be trapped in the Den without earbuds until my 2’oclock class. I need music!

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