I’m Engaged!

On my birthday, April 27th, my wonderful boyfriend got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And of course I said yes! So on August 8th I will be getting married to the love of my life.

The three strands of silver represent God, Luke, and I

Just a year ago I would have never thought I would be engaged and getting married this year. I honestly didn’t think I would find true love. I had my heart broken. I was hurt. I was starting to think pure, God-centered love didn’t exist. I gave up on looking. I told God if He wanted me single for the rest of my life I was fine with that because I honestly thought I wouldn’t find the love I desired with all my heart. The thing is, when I stopped searching that love found me in the form of the most amazing man on the planet.

True love found me when I gave up. And true love found him when he gave up. God gave us what we both desired when we surrendered our searching to Him. Now I’m in the most wonderful relationship ever. I’m in a relationship that is unconditional, selfless, dedicated, and filled with undeserved love. And it is that way because we both surrendered our searching to God and then founded our relationship on Christ.

So if you’re single, just broke up with someone, etc., give up. Stop searching for that one true love. If God has someone for you then wait for that someone. Stop searching and let God send the right person your way. Live for God and prepare for when He sends you your spouse. It’s worth the waiting, I promise.

PS. For those who will ask, I am continuing with my education. I do not plan to leave BJU after getting married. I will finally be an upperclassman next semester. This girl is going to finish her degree and her future husband is in full support 🙂

Christi Lynn
I am a 20yr old introvert just trying to put her thoughts out on the internet. A little bit about me? I am happily married to the love of my life, Luke Darling. I attend Bob Jones University and am pursuing a degree in Biblical Counseling. I hope to eventually run my own counseling center and write books and devotionals to help others with the struggles they face in life.

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