A Quick Trip Around Union Square

A Quick Trip Around Union Square

I really want to start taking pictures again.  Not necessarily street photography but pictures in general.  I used to love going out and photographing whatever caught my interest.  These days, if it’s below 40°F I won’t even consider going out.  Is it because I’m getting old?  Who knows?  Anyway, I had to go out to Bath & Body Works so I figured I’d walk around Union Square a bit and see what I could find.

1/20/18, 35mm, a7Rii, black and white, bus shelter, bus stop, digital, lamppost, leather jacket, man, NYC, ponytail (man), reading, sitting, Sony, street photography, traffic cone

I decided to start the afternoon off right and that meant with food.  😀  I decided to go to one of my favorite sushi places, Kiku Sushi, on 1st Avenue and 13th st.  I saw this man reading, totally lost in his book and oblivious to the world around him.  I understand completely.  I’m the same way when I settle down with a good book.

1/20/18, 35mm, a7Rii, black and white, digital, hat, NYC, profile, reflection, Sony, street photography, window

I was trying to get a reflection shot (not of myself, haha), but this man walked through my shot.  I can’t be too upset because it kind of works, so it was a “happy accident” as Bob Ross would say.

1/20/18, 35mm, a7Rii, black and white, cell phone, Converse, digital, eye contact, glasses, heels, leather gloves, NYC, ribbed sweater, Sony, street photography, sunglasses, Union Square

I love when people can display their own style without being so try hard about it and this couple had it down perfectly.  I love her boots and her friend has a nice mix of stylish and casual without being too much of one and not the other.

1/20/18, 35mm, a7Rii, black and white, cell phone, crosswalk, digital, heels, NYC, scarf, skirts, Sony, street photography, sunglasses, walking and texting

I’m always amazed at the amount of people who text and walk.  Just step over to the side.  Is it worth being injured in some way?  I’ve seen people cross the street, against the light, cars are coming, and they’re just strolling across the street and texting.  These women had the light, but still.  This is NYC.  You have bicyclists that you have to watch out for, especially since they don’t watch out for you.  I wasn’t really getting a lot of good shots and it was getting a bit chilly so I decided to wrap it up.  

1/20/18, 35mm, a7Rii, black and white, digital, NYC, Sony, street photography, Union Square, walking and texting, winter hat

He has two phones?  Look at the outline on his left pocket.  I saw so many people walking around, through crowded Union Square, and texting.  In places like Union Square you can’t help but have someone walking behind you, but I generally don’t like people walking behind me for this reason.  I’ve lost count of the amount of times someone has walked right into me from behind, go around me without even apologizing, and I see that they’re on their phone. 

1/20/18, 35mm, a7Rii, baseball hat, black and white, CVS, digital, NYC, reflection, Sony, store poster, store window, Strand bag, street photography, walking and texting

I’m sure they’ve done studies on this type of thing.  I’d be very interested to read some of the articles on why people do this.  Do they just not believe than an injury can happen to them?  For me, it’s mostly the possibility of injury, not wanting to be inconsiderate to other people, and also because when you’re walking and texting, you often hit an incorrect letter anyway.  I’d rather just move off to the side (not stop dead in the middle of the sidewalk), send my message, and then get back to walking.



1/20/18, 35mm, a7Rii, black and white, construction, digital, NYC, sign, Sony, street photography, walking and texting




If I was a more talkative person I’d ask someone why they do this.  I’m curious about most of the things that people do but never seriously thought about asking them.  


1/20/18, 35mm, a7Rii, amp, black and white, buskers, digital, guitar, musicians, newsboy cap, NYC, perched, posing, ripped jeans, ripped knees, Sony, street photography, Union Square

I have to give her props.  If I tried that I’d never be able to balance on an angle and I’d slide to the ground.  


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