A Short Walk Along The Water

A Short Walk Along The Water

I haven’t walked along the water in quite a while.  I usually either just walk along the Lower East Side or Chinatown.  I did walk across the Williamsburg Bridge last week and while fun, there wasn’t really anything to photograph.  Usually when I walk along the water I walk to the South Street Seaport, but this time I decided to walk in the opposite direction.  I wasn’t intending to get street style shots, just cityscapes and pictures of boats.  Now that the weather is warming up, people are doing a lot of water activities like going out on boats and jet skis.

6/29/18, 55mm photography, a7Rii, amphitheater, color photography, concerts, Corlears Hook Park, East River, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, no people shots, NYC, Sony, stage

I started off in Corlears Hook Park and made my way past the amphitheater.  I’ve heard that in the summer they have concerts and whatnot here, but I haven’t been to any as of yet.  A friend told me that last year he went to a Latin music thing that they had there and that it was a lot of fun.  It is a nice area and the water provides a nice breeze in the warmer months.

6/29/18, 55mm photography, a7Rii, boat, color photography, East River, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, NY Waterway, NYC, Sony

I love boats, although I haven’t been on them too many times in my life.  I went on one of those NYC boat tours a few years ago with my brother and two nieces.  I can’t remember if my sister in law was with us that day.  The summer before last, I went on the Staten Island Ferry for the first time with my sister in law, her mom, and my youngest niece, and then last year I went on the Staten Island Ferry with Simona, Davide, and their friends when they came to New York for the first time.  That’s the extent of my time on boats.  I just love the water.  It’s so peaceful and relaxing.  If I get to go to Cairo next year, I want to go on that Nile dinner cruise.  That looks pretty cool.  My friend who lives there has volunteered to be my unofficial guide and he said he’s gone on it before and it’s a lot of fun.

6/29/18, 55mm photography, a7Rii, bench, book, candid photography, color photography, Corlears Hook Park, glasses, Lower East Side, man, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, reading, sitting, Sony, street photography

My one and only street style shot of the day.  I’d love to sit outside with a good book and read but I am terrified of bees.  Every year, I have at least one situation where a bee buzzes around me and I scream and run away, flailing my arms like a windmill.  Yes, I know.  It only increases the chances I have of getting stung, or so smarty pants people tell me, but standing still doesn’t get them away from me.  I usually check out what people are reading because I always like to have something new to read, but it was so hot outside that it just slipped my mind.

6/29/18, 55mm photography, a7Rii, color photography, graffiti, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, Sony, tic tac toe



This was my attempt at being artistic or whatever.  I was getting a bit bored just walking in a straight line with only the water on the right side of me, so when I spotted this, I tried to get a little creative with my angles and also get some bokeh action going on.



6/29/18, 55mm photography, a7Rii, bridge, color photography, East River, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, plane, Sony

I’d really like this shot if I had been able to get more of the water in, but I was so anxious to get a shot of the plane flying over the bridge that I hastily aimed my camera too high.  It’s a shame because the scene as a whole, and the boat at the bottom left of the frame would have made a pretty cool picture.  I did love how clear and blue the sky was that day.  It made it so much more fun to take pictures.

6/29/18, 55mm photography, 420 Kent, a7Rii, color photography, East River, Lower East Side, Manhattan, Manhattan skyline, New York City, no people shots, NYC, reflections, Sony

I looked these buildings up because I know they’re doing a lot of construction around here, and I don’t recall seeing them before.  According to this page, these are new apartment buildings, with a portion of the units being affordable.  Scroll down and check out the prices.  Are the “affordable” units listed there?  Because I don’t consider a studio apartment for over $2,000 a month “affordable”.  A two bedroom will go for over $5,000.  Okay.  People can spend the money they earn however they please.  I know some people might have an opinion about my love of travel and how I will never stay in a hostel.  However, I just do not get paying that much money for an apartment, especially a studio apartment.  Then again, I’m not a fan of big cities, so I’m probably just biased in that area.  Even so, that is just a ridiculous amount of money to spend on an apartment.

6/29/18, 55mm photography, a7Rii, boat, color photography, East River, jet ski, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, Sony, spray of water

I love this picture because it kind of looks like the boat and the jet ski are racing.  The spray of water being kicked up by the speed is really cool.  I’d be interested in going jet skiing one day but I’m too chicken for that.  I’d be more focused on the possible dangers and what could go wrong that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself.  I’ll just stick to nice, safe (for the most part) boats that glide along the water.

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