A Stroll Through Central Park

A Stroll Through Central Park

I can’t believe how many days of pictures I had piling up.  I guess things just got so busy with work that I completely forgot.  Well, not completely but you know what I mean.  I decided to go to Central Park one day because the weather was getting cooler and I didn’t know how many more chances I’d get to go to Central Park until next summer.  Don’t get me wrong, I love cold weather.  I hate warm weather and the summer time but it does have it’s good points, such as being able to be outside for longer periods of time than in the winter, (although a lot of the time you do have to wind up taking two showers a day because it’s so hot and gross outside.)  Anyway, it was a pretty good day for picture taking.  Central Park always gives you interesting people pictures and beautiful landscape shots.  I started off at Columbus Circle and walked around a bit there, taking in the sights and getting some good street shots.

35mm, a7Rii, chairs, color, Columbus Circle, hat, NYC, sculpture, sitting, Sony, street photography

I was definitely glad to have the 35mm lens.  I have been wanting to get another lens lately (the Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8) but the 35mm is a handy little lens to have.  

35mm, a7Rii, benches, black and white, cell phones, dog in a baby carriage, NYC, sitting, Sony, street photography, trees

I actually don’t think this was anywhere near Columbus Circle but it was taken on that day and I have no idea where so I figured I’d include it in this post.  I kind of like how you have the different groups of people, lost in their own thoughts, and the way the light and shadows add more depth to the photo.

35mm, a7Rii, benches, black and white, Central Park, Columbus Circle, gelato, Grom, Nike, NYC, plaid, shopping bags, sitting, Sony, stars, street photography, sunglasses

I wonder if these two women were friends or if they were just two random people who happened to sit next to each other.  They most likely were friends but they don’t seem to be interacting much at all.  

35mm, a7Rii, assholes who blocked my shot, cell phones, color, NYC, sitting, Sony, street photography

This picture perfectly shows both what I love and hate about street photography (which I guess I can’t stop completely since I do like being part of the group that my photography friends and I started).  I love how interesting moments just present themselves but I hate how you can have the perfect shot, the perfect angle, etc. and someone just gets in the way.  This guy had been hunched over his phone until right before I took the shot.  I waited for him to hunch over again but of course that didn’t happen.

35mm, a7Rii, balance, benches, bike path, Central Park, color, Converse, flowers, glasses, NYC, posing, sitting, Sony, street photography, thinking, trees35mm, a7Rii, balance, benches, bike path, Central Park, color, Converse, flowers, glasses, NYC, posing, sitting, Sony, street photography, thinking, trees







I couldn’t decide which of the two I liked best.  The picture on the left lets you see more of the background but the picture on the right lets you get closer to the subject.   As always, you can click on any picture and a larger version will open up.  This works for every picture except the very first picture in every post (aka the featured image.)  For some reason, you can’t enlarge that one.  If anyone knows of a way to change that I’d love to hear it.

35mm, a7Rii, Asian, benches, black and white, book, cell phone, Central Park, glasses, hat, NYC, reading, rocks, sitting, Sony, street photography, trees

I’m always curious about people who are sitting next to each other.  Are they friends or did they just happen to be sitting near to each other and are complete strangers?  Something about the way that they’re facing one another makes me think they do know each other but are enjoying some alone but together time.  I love that.  I love being able to be with someone without having to constantly be talking to each other.

35mm, a7Rii, background people, Central Park, color, NYC, NYC skyline, Sony, trees

Pictures of the NYC skyline are always impressive to see.  One day I’d like to try and take some pictures of the skyline at night.  Everything looks better when it’s all lit up.  

35mm, a7Rii, boyfriend, Central Park, color, couple, girlfriend, Helen Mirren does not approve, NYC, Sony, water bottle



I have to agree with Helen Mirren.  This kind of thing drives me crazy.  I can’t really explain why, other than it’s partly what Helen Mirren said.  I also can’t deal with a boyfriend being all up on me, especially in public.  My limbs start to feel all spasm-y, like “Let me get some room to move.  Stop being all up in my space!”


35mm, a7Rii, black and white, kilt, knee socks, NYC, plaid, Scotsman, Scottish, skirt, Sony, street photography, tartan



I had been walking for a while and it was starting to get dark, and I was starting to feel tired, so I decided to head home.  As I was walking to the train station I passed by this man in a kilt.  I’m not sure if he was wearing it for any specific occasion or just because, but I thought it was interesting.



I love diners.  My mom and I are always on the lookout for actual diners.  They have a certain charm.  I can’t explain what it is about them.  It kind of reminds me of when I was younger and we’d drive to Michigan to visit family and stop off at a diner at least once during the trip.  It was a lot of fun.

35mm, a7Rii, background people, color, dogs, leash, NYC, Sony

This kind of irritates me.  Don’t take your pets with you somewhere and then tie them up and do whatever.  It’s like when I see pets tied up outside a grocery store, the owner is inside, and the dog is freaking out outside.  Like you couldn’t leave the dog at home and do what you needed to do?  At least they’d be in their own environment and not a loud, crowded city sidewalk.  

35mm, a7Rii, art, color, mural, musical notes, no people shots, NYC, Sony, subway, train station

I really like how they’re fixing the subways up lately.  They get really creative in some of these stations.  I might start a series of subway art.  It does brighten up an otherwise grimy, underground area.



  1. Mister G.C.
    November 13, 2017 / 12:17 AM

    Some great shots there Tina. I know what you mean about always going back to street photography. I gave it up for 7 months but in the end I couldn’t find anything else in the photography world that satisfied me more that shooting in the streets….so I am now where I am with my street photography.

    So, how to enable your first image to be enlarged….I know that with our 5FIS blog there is an option to have the featured image (the one you set for all to see in the main blog menu) showing as the first image in the post, like a header. With this option the enlarge feature doesn’t work because it is basically a header and not an image.
    You would have to turn this option off and then just insert the image you want, as you would do with all the other images in your post.

    To turn off the option which automatically inserts the featured image as a ‘header’ in your post go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Basic Settings > Blog Settings > then check the box which says ‘Hide Full Post Featured Image’.

    Now when you add a featured image to your post it will only show up in the blog menu and not in your post. Hope that helps, if not drop me a line.

    • Tina
      November 13, 2017 / 8:55 PM

      Thanks, Grant! I will definitely try that soon. I just vaguely remember last time that I had a blog that if I didn’t set a featured image, the post would show up in the archives without a main picture, if that makes any sense. I’ll have to fiddle around with that this week.

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