A Walk In The Woods

A Walk In The Woods

I’m spending the week in Grand Haven, MI visiting the family. Any time I can get out of the city I’m always a much happier, and less stressed out person. I’ve only been to Grand Haven a few times but my brother moved there from Holland (Michigan) last year and I was anxious to explore the area.

Unlike where he used to live in Holland, there really isn’t anything to walk to (or on) where he lives now. There is a main road, with a fair amount of cars passing by all the time, and no sidewalks. There is a small shoulder that I guess can be used as a bike path, but I haven’t ridden a bike in years so I’d rather not risk it. The woods are basically his backyard so I figured I’d walk around and see what I could find.

The woods don’t provide much of a variety in scenery, but there were a bunch of things I found interesting, such as the mushrooms growing on the branch of a tree. There were a few fallen trees around, I guess because of bad storms that occur in the winter.

We got here the day after my birthday so my brother took us all out to dinner at this Mexican restaurant called El Rancho in Holland. My youngest niece, Bee suggested it and I’m glad she did. The food was great and the portions were huge. I cannot remember what everyone got, but everything was very tasty. I remember that my steak was covered in a slightly spicy sauce.

They start you off with chips and salsa. The salsa was delicious and not too spicy. You could really taste the cilantro. It wasn’t overpowering but it gave it a nice kick.

They had different kinds of hot sauces if you’re into extra spice. I’m not but I know a lot of people love spicy foods.

You could sit at the bar and order some drinks and watch tv while you ate your food.

I cannot remember the names of the dishes that we all had. I think my dish was something like the steak ranchero.  The salad with guacamole that came with it was pretty banging, too.

I think Bee had a vegetarian burrito. I can’t remember if they offered vegetarian options or if she asked for them to just leave out the meat.

My mom had the carne asada with fries and a salad with guacamole.

I’m definitely enjoying my time here in Grand Haven so far and will have a few more posts before we leave for NYC again.  

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