An Afternoon at Brooklyn Bridge Park

An Afternoon at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Being someone who loves walking, I decided to walk to Brooklyn Bridge Park.  Normally I would never even attempt that in the summer, (which I refer to as the Season of Two Showers since you’re always so sweaty and dirty at the end of the day because of the heat and humidity) but the weather was only in the 70’s on Saturday, so I decided to take advantage of one of the few nice days we’ll have until summer is over.  I walked over the Manhattan Bridge, which I had only done once before, with no definite plan in mind.  The view from the bridge of Jane’s Carousel made me decide to start from there.  (Above picture not taken from the bridge.)

New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan Bridge, patterns, light, shadows, criss cross, diamond shapes, Sony, a7Rii, 55mm photography, color photography, no people shots,

This picture however was taken from the bridge.  I set out with the intention of not taking any street photography style pictures.  Of course, that didn’t happen as you’ll see. 😆

7/7/18, 55mm, a7Rii, bike, Brooklyn, color photography, hot pink, selling waters not drugs, shopping cart, Sony, trail blaster

7/7/18, 55mm, a7Rii, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Historical Society, color photography, Dumbo, reflection, Sony, triangle, view from above

I spent most of my time outside (and who wouldn’t with such gorgeous weather) but I took this shot from the inside of Empire Stores for the bird’s eye view category for my photography group.  I like the set up of the shot but I hate heights so I didn’t really get a good downward angle for the photo.

Brooklyn, New York, Sony, a7Rii, 55mm photography, street photography, candid, color photography, Jansport, backpack, bookbag, head wrap,

The view of the water was fantastic and there were plenty of people sitting on the steps and rocks, enjoying the water and taking pictures of the view and of each other.  It was a little warm, but there was a nice breeze coming off of the water.

Brooklyn, New York, Sony, a7Rii, 55mm photography, street photography, candid, color photography, sitting, hanging out with friends, throwing rocks,

These kids were having fun making a splash with the rocks.  I heard a few of them wondering how you could skip rocks.  I was never very good at that, but I think you need to find a flat-ish type of rock.  Any rock skippers out here that can offer some tips?

7/7/18, 55mm, a7Rii, bokeh, Brooklyn, close up, color photography, portrait, profile, red nails, Sony, sunglasses, yawning

I was standing out of the way when this woman stood right in front of me.  Not off to either side where there was plenty of room and nobody else.  No, right in front of me.  Why is it that people do this?  What compels them?  It’s like when you’re on an almost completely empty bus or train car and someone has to sit right next to you.  Seriously, whyyyyyyy?  I can’t complain too much because I actually do like how this picture came out and I got some nice bokeh in the shot.

7/7/18, 55mm, a7Rii, baby carriage, back to back, black and white photography, Brooklyn, candid, flip flops, sleeveless shirt, Sony, street photography, stretched out, tattoos

The beautiful weather really brought the crowds so there was no shortage of interesting street shots to take.  There was even a wedding party having their pictures taken in the background.  The gorgeous views of the water and skyline would make really cool wedding photos.

7/7/18, 55mm, a7Rii, black and white photography, boyfriend and girlfriend, Brooklyn, candid, face to face, holding hands, Sony, Starbucks, street photography, sunglasses

I was talking with a friend recently and we were both saying how we’re kind of drifting away from street photography.  I still really enjoy looking at other people’s pictures but I hate having to be so sneaky.  Some people get so pissy and I’m getting older and just do not have the patience for that anymore.  Not like I ever really did, but I had more tolerance for some people over reacting.  Seriously, relax.  What’s the problem?  Do you have warrants or something?  It’s partly why I want this blog to not just be strictly street photography.

I love photography, but I don’t want to be tied down to one particular type of photography because I know I get these periods where people and street photography just test my patience.  I’ve always like travel and landscape photography.  It reminds me of this scene from the movie Sleepers, where Lorenzo is sitting with King Benny in the park.  King Benny is feeding the birds and Lorenzo says something like he didn’t think he liked birds, and King Benny said “I like anything that don’t talk.” 😆


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