Charleston, SC – Gibbes Art Museum and Walking Down King St.

Charleston, SC – Gibbes Art Museum and Walking Down King St.

I took a trip to Charleston, SC for my birthday.  I was only there for 3 days but I consider it 3 days well spent.  I never do anything for my birthday because after you pass a certain age birthdays stop being joyous celebrations and they start being yearly reminders of the fact that you’re getting older.  I wanted to do something special this year and I had been reading about how Charleston was a very walkable city with a vibrant nightlife.  It looked beautiful so I decided to go there.  My boss was nice enough to let me take a few days off, so the trip was on.

I got there late Wednesday night, close to midnight to be exact, and had to immediately go out again to CVS.  The hotel where I stayed had a Keurig coffee machine (YES!!!) but they didn’t have creamer and only a few sugar packets.  I called an Uber and away we went. CVS turned out to be only a half mile down the road but seeing as how it was almost midnight, I didn’t know how safe the area was at that time of night, and seeing as how I have no sense of direction, Uber seemed the way to go.  The driver was super nice and even offered to wait for me while I got what I needed so that I wouldn’t have to arrange for a ride back and wait for that car.  Everyone in Charleston was so friendly.  Be prepared to basically hear the life stories of anyone you meet.  It’s all good.  It actually was nice to talk to people.  I never thought I’d say that. 😆 The difference between Charleston and the people I meet here is that the people I spoke to in Charleston actually had something interesting to say instead of useless drivel about the weather.  Thursday was my first full day in Charleston and I was determined to make the most of my time there.

Being a great lover of food I of course had a ton of food places that I wanted to visit, but I felt that I really should try to do something other than food and shopping.  I do like art.  I’m just not that into museums.  It’s like when you look at someone else’s family pictures with them staring over your shoulder.  What is the appropriate amount of time to look at something before you can move on to something else?  This time I decided to do spend some of my time in a museum.  I was by myself and could appreciate things at my own pace.  I went online and purchased a ticket to the Gibbes Museum of Art.  The price wasn’t bad at all ($15 for an adult) and the museum was beautiful.  I loved the 20th century and Renaissance art gallery the best, but the whole museum was filled with beautiful paintings and sculptures.

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, Gibbes Museum, Sony, South Carolina

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, Gibbes Museum, Sony, South Carolina



I love how this piece is set up.  You have to walk from another room into the room where the painting is, but it’s dead center so you see it from far away.  It’s definitely eye catching.  I spent a few minutes looking at and photographing this painting.  



I remember when I was younger, about 8 years old, I was visiting my aunt, uncle, and cousins in Michigan and my aunt and cousins decided to take me to an art fair.  They still remember how I was going around grumbling, “Art.  All you see is art everywhere!”  (I remember how I was trudging along and my foot got caught in a paper cup and no matter what I did it wouldn’t come off, and that some guy and his girlfriend were laughing at me, 😆 )  I don’t mind art so much now.

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, Gibbes Museum, Sony, South Carolina

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, Gibbes Museum, Sony, South Carolina

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, Gibbes Museum, Sony, South Carolina




You could almost picture the people in these paintings using this furniture or sitting for the artist to have their portraits painted.




08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, Gibbes Museum, Sony, South Carolina


I vaguely remember my dad having an old style armoire like this in our old apartment in Brooklyn. 





08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, Gibbes Museum, miniatures, portraits, Sony, South Carolina




The exhibit with the miniatures was interesting as well.  I remember when I used to be into period romance novels, the characters would always know what the other looked like before they met because of being sent the other person’s miniature. Apparently it was something only the very rich could afford to have done.  



There was a man standing off to the side looking at the exhibit and I wanted to get him in the frame too, but he turned around just as I was pressing the shutter button and moved out of the way.  I guess he figured that he was blocking my shot.

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, Gibbes Museum, miniatures, portraits, Sony, South Carolina

I decided that it was time to explore something other than the museum so I headed out.  This was the first thing I saw when I walked out and I’m so glad that I didn’t have to fiddle too much with the settings on my camera.  

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, horse and carriage, Sony, South Carolina

I walked around Downtown Charleston for a bit just taking in the scenery.  I did want to go to eat at this place one day but there just wasn’t time.  Maybe if I can get back here one day and stay for longer than a few days.  On a side note, it was only when I was editing this picture that I noticed that they were offering an Almond Joy latte that day.  Grrrr.  That sounds delicious.  If only I had noticed it when I took the picture.  I’m always in the mood for coffee.  I even have it at night before I go to sleep.

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, blue walls, Charleston, man, restaurant, sitting, Sony, South Carolina, Toast

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, beach please, Charleston, mannequin, Sony, South Carolina, towel



This window display made me laugh out loud.  If I had had the money for impulse purchases, I definitely would have gotten that towel.



08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, pedestrian walkway, sidewalk construction, sign, Sony, South Carolina



It was my turn to be laughed at when I stopped to photograph this container.  It just looked so different from the ugly pedestrian walkways in NYC when they’re doing construction. Two homeless guys exchanged looks and started laughing. 😆 It just reminds me of those covered bridges you see in movies about small towns and whatnot.



I had passed by River Street Sweets earlier and had to go back to pick up this candy gift box that I had seen.  I forgot to take pictures but it had all the good stuff.  One milk chocolate and one white chocolate bear claw, a big pecan praline, a bag of peanut brittle, and a bag of sugared pecans.  Yum.  I was tempted by all of the other sweets but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to eat it all and that I couldn’t take it with me, but it sure was tempting.    

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, candy, candy shop, Charleston, pralines, pretzels, River Street Sweets, Sony, South Carolina

Look at those giant peanut butter cups at the bottom.  Peanut butter and chocolate together is my weakness but I stayed strong.

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, candy, candy shop, Charleston, pretzels, River Street Sweets, Sony, South Carolina

There was another reason I didn’t go crazy at River Street Sweets.  I had a list of food places where I wanted to eat or buy treats and King Street Cookies was one of those places.  A cozy little shop with all sorts of sweet goodness.  I bought three cookies (or maybe it was four) and they were delicious.  My sweet tooth was definitely satisfied.

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, cookies, dessert, King St. Cookies, Sony, South Carolina

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, dessert, King St. Cookies, Sony, South Carolina

Let’s get to the real star of the show.  The food.  I had planned on going for sushi at this bar that was supposed to have really delicious sushi. Normally I never eat sushi at anything other than a restaurant, or occasionally a grocery store, but this place got some really good reviews.  I am so glad that I didn’t go there for my birthday because when I went to that bar the next day, no matter what drink I ordered they ran out of something for it.  Keep in mind that this was 7:30 on a Friday night, not last call at 2:00am (or whenever last call is.)  To top it off it took 30 minutes to get the food and the place wasn’t big.  You could walk from the front door to the back of the bar in 6 steps.  To make matters worse, the food sucked.  Not that it wasn’t very good.  It sucked big time.  No flavor at all. 

chicken pad thai, Tasty Thai & Sushi, King St., iPhone photography, Charleston, South Carolina,

I almost decided not to go to this Thai place.  I used to go to this place called Mini Thai Cafe in NYC and it was amazing, but they recently closed down.  I think my first post was at the new Thai place there and how the food was just not good.  I was hesitant to eat at another Thai place and be disappointed.  Man was I glad that I decided to just go in there and order something.  The food was amazing!! Just as delicious as Mini Thai Cafe.  What a great birthday dinner I had.  I still feel like a bit of a dick taking pictures of my food, especially with my a7Rii, so I used my iPhone.  This was some of the best chicken pad Thai I’ve ever tasted. The price was reasonable and the portion was huge.  I was so glad that my hotel had a refrigerator and microwave because I took it back to the hotel with me and had food until I left a few days later.


The decor was really cool.  They had murals all along the walls.

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, mural, painting, Sony, South Carolina, Tasty Thai & Sushi, underwater

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, musicians, paintings, Sony, South Carolina, Tasty Thai & Sushi



In the back of the restaurant, there was a pool table with paintings on the walls.





08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, paintings, singers, Sony, South Carolina, Tasty Thai & Sushi

Being the old lady that I am, it was time to go back to the hotel and relax after the day’s activities.  I passed by this place as I was taking a short walk before calling an Uber.  Imagine having this beautiful fountain at the entrance to your hotel.  My hotel was nice but this was on a different level.  Very pretty.

08/17/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Charleston, fountain, Sony, South Carolina



  1. August 28, 2017 / 1:27 PM

    Hi Tina
    I’m glad you had a nice time in Charleston for your birthday. Visiting the museum with you through this post was very nice. And your littles stories about food are always funny 🙂
    I had to look at google map to see where was this town, I didn’t know it was in South Carolina (sc didn’t ring a bell to me !!) it is quite far from New York. Did you travel by plane ?
    Thank you fort this article.

    • Tina
      August 28, 2017 / 4:00 PM

      When I was at the museum I kept thinking of all the exhibits that you would have liked. It was a small museum but with lots of interesting exhibits, and the grounds were beautiful. There was a pretty fountain out the back way, but I wasn’t sure if I could leave through that door. I tried to take a picture through the glass but I didn’t like the way it came out.

      I had to fly there. It was only about an hour and a half by plane, whereas by bus it would have been abut 20 hours!

      I think you’d definitely like Charleston. It’s very picturesque and everybody is so nice over there. I’m actually planning (and saving) for another trip next year. I miss Italy and figured it would be nice to see Sicily and Rome. Maybe I could have a travel buddy or two for at least part of the trip?

  2. August 29, 2017 / 7:17 AM

    If you say people in Charleston are very kind, I really believe it, knowing you 😉 I went to Sicily and Roma, it’s so beautiful…

    • Tina
      August 30, 2017 / 12:47 AM

      Niceeee. I really want to go back to Italy and see more of the country. I’m hoping to go back to Milan too if money and time allows me to, but I definitely want to explore Rome and Sicily. I was thinking of staying in Palermo but I’m still researching it right now.

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