Day Trip To Busto Arsizio – Part 1

Day Trip To Busto Arsizio – Part 1

Milan, Italy, metro, train station, Sony, RX100iii, public art, Part of why I chose to go to Italy (and Milan) was because I have a friend who lives in the nearby city of Busto Arsizio.  I was excited to see Simona in her city since I had met her, Davide, and their friends in NYC last year.  In typical Tina fashion I scoured the internet (including Instagram and YouTube) for videos on Busto Arsizio and I was very excited to spend the day there, walking around with Simona.  Since I have zero sense of direction even with the maps feature on my phone (it’s not unusual for me to go one way and then immediately turn around when the little circle is going in the opposite direction of where I want to go), Esther was kind enough to walk with me to the train station where I could catch the train to Busto Arsizio.  We saw these cool art pieces near the station and of course we took lots of pictures.

I didn’t have time to eat lunch so I grabbed some pancakes with Nutella (which started my pancakes and Nutella obsession) to eat on the train.  I actually didn’t eat them on the train because I was drifting off to sleep (why does that always happen to me on moving vehicles when I’m not the one driving?) but luckily I didn’t miss my stop.  Simona met me at the station and she was nice enough to stop somewhere so I could sit and eat.  I offered her some, there were about 4 pancakes, but she declined.  (I just mentioned that so you wouldn’t think I was some greedy Gus, shoveling pancakes into my mouth and not even offering any to my friend.  😆 ) After I finished eating, we continued on our way.  Busto Arsizio didn’t have the hustle and bustle of Milan but it was still charming in every way.  Everywhere you looked, it was like a postcard.  I took my point and shoot instead of the a7Rii.  That camera is quite solid and I was feeling a little sore from the previous day.

Lombardy, Busto Arsizio, Italy, Sony, DSC RX100iii, carousel,

Lombardy, Italy, Busto Arsizio, Sony, DSC RX100iii, pubic art




I thought this art piece was interesting.  I had to take more than five shots, trying to get the right angle because the sun was right in my eyes, which wouldn’t result in a good picture.  That’s also why some leaves are in the frame.  I was trying to stand under a tree so the leaves would block most of the blinding light from the sun.  😀





I took lots of pictures of the churches for my mother.  I knew that she would appreciate it.  Towards the end of the trip it also made picking out a present for her much easier.

Lombardy, Italy, Busto Arsizio, Sony, DSC RX100iii, church

Lombardy, Italy, Busto Arsizio, Sony, DSC RX100iii,

Lombardy, Italy, Busto Arsizio, Sony, DSC RX100iii,

Lombardy, Italy, Busto Arsizio, Sony, DSC RX100iii,


Any time I see a bell tower, it reminds me of that movie Vertigo with James Stewart.  That wasn’t my favorite movie of his.  I think most people like It’s a Wonderful Life the best.  At least, I do.  I love watching it all year long, not just at Christmas.  I suggested to my mother that we watch that movie one day and she said “I love watching that movie…at Christmas.” 😆


Lombardy, Busto Arsizio, Italy, Italian fashion, window display, mannequins, dresses, Sony, DSC RX100iii

We walked through the town, in and out of shops, where I had to buy this adorable chocolate candy.  I really regret not buying this bag.  This would have been perfect for me. 😆  I really wanted to buy the dress on the right but it was over €100.  Maybe I would have bought it if it was my last day there and I wanted something really memorable and beautiful from the trip but it was only my second day.  As much as it pained me to not walk in there and buy it, I had to stick to a budget.  I was still thinking about this dress a month later so I looked for it online and found it.  Should I?  Hmmmm.  I know what my mom would say.  (She’d say no in case you were wondering.  😀 ) I don’t like the belt they have on the dress online but other than that, it’s calling my name.


Simona and  I saw these as were walking around town and through the park.

Lombardy, Busto Arsizio, Italy, cherry blossoms, Sony, DSC RX100iii




Lombardy, Busto Arsizio, Italy, Sony, DSC RX100iii, greenery, light pole












I said it before and I’ll say it again.  This 8 year old Italian boy is cooler than I could ever hope to be.

Lombardy, Busto Arsizio, Italy, street photography, motor scooter, Sony, DSC RX100iii, lounging


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