Exploring Philadelphia, The Rodin Museum, and the Rocky Steps

Exploring Philadelphia, The Rodin Museum, and the Rocky Steps

Things have been so busy at work that I haven’t even had a chance to write a blog post from my last trip to Philadelphia and my next trip is coming up in a week!  This was an exciting trip.  I saw so many new things, got some cool pictures, and finally had a chance to try the sushi burger sampler.  You can read one of my previous posts to see the sampler and how it compared to the other sushi burgers I’ve tried.  

10/28/2017, 35mm, 1225Raw Sushi, a7Rii, bamboo, color, hanging lanterns, indoors, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Sony, waitress

The vibe of the place was pretty cool and they were playing The Addams Family (the movie, not the tv show) on the big screen tv.  A huge plus in my book.  Took me right back to my childhood.  Tish was my style inspiration when I was going through my goth phase. 😆

10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, color, dress clothes, men's suits, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, sale, Sony, window display

Ever the street-y, I couldn’t resist taking this shot but of course being out of practice made me take the shot half a second too late.  If I hadn’t hesitated I would have had him on the same window pane as the mannequin and looking back towards the mannequin.

10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, Batman, cape, children, color, costumes, daughters, family, girls, glasses, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Sony, Superman, tattoos


As Halloween was only a few days away, I guess this family decided to get a head start.  I think family costumes are kind of cute.  It gives the kids nice memories to look back on and sometimes laugh about.  I love the look on the little girl’s face.




10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, art, black and white, iron, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, sculpture, skateboarder, Sony


This looks to be a popular area for skateboarders.  With all of the funky looking art pieces around they can definitely practice their tricks.  I wanted to check out the continuous shooting mode on my camera and I was impressed.  I won’t post all of the pictures because they’re basically the same but I really liked this one, when the skateboarder was in mid air.

10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, color, dog, fountain, girls, leash, loafers, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Sony, statues, sunglasses, water

I love dogs and this dog was so cute and playful.  I was taking pictures of something and I heard all of the girls start to make a fuss over him, and one of them says, “Are you okay, baby?  You just got too excited.”  When I turned around to see what happened, they’re helping him (or at least his front paws) out of the fountain.  Awwww!  He was so excited he slipped into the fountain!


10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, backpacks, camera person, child, color, couple, daughter, family, flowers, girl, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, posing, smiling, Sony, street photography, sunglasses



I can never read the words when they’re like this.  It always takes me half of forever to figure out which direction. 😆





10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, barrel, bicycle, color, flowers, outdoor cafe umbrellas, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Sony, street lamp, urban landscape

This is one of those pictures where you don’t know why you like it but you just do.  I figured it was a way to use my 35mm lens (even though I really want to add an 85mm lens to my collection.  A collection that only has one lens so far. 😆 ).

10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, arches, architectural photography, color, columns, men, Pennsylvania, people, Philadelphia, plaid shirts, Rodin Museum, shadows, Sony, street photography, The Thinker, trees

This was in front of the Rodin Museum.  I thought it was funny how you had a statue of “The Thinker” in front of the museum and then you had these two guys standing in front of the statue, looking up at it in a thoughtful pose.

10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, art, color, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Rodin Museum, Sony, statue, The Kiss


As I’ve gotten older I’ve developed an appreciation for the arts.  I loved visiting the Gibbes Museum when I was in Charleston, SC for my birthday.  I definitely wanted to stop by the Rodin Museum while I was there.  It’s a tiny museum, only one floor, but I enjoyed it.  




10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, black and white, from behind, hair bun, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Rodin Museum, Sony10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, color, from behind, hair bun, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Rodin Museum, Sony


I couldn’t decide which version I liked best.  It seems I always have that dilemma.  Some days I like the color version better and some days I like the black and white version better.

10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, black dress, bridesmaids, color, flowers, high heels, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Sony, strapless dress, weddingThere was a wedding going on at the Rodin Museum.  (Side note:  I’m sorry but who chooses black for their bridesmaids’ gown color?  As a former goth chick, the color black will always have a special place in my heart, but it’s a morbid color, especially for an occasion such as a wedding.  Just my opinion.)  The grounds of the museum were really pretty and made a pretty background for the wedding party photos.10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, background people, color, fountain, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Rodin Museum, Sony, water

If you’re ever in Philly, definitely stop at the Rodin Museum, even if it’s only to wander the grounds.  They have some art pieces outside of the museum as well, and it’s free to wander the grounds.

10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, architectural photography, color, flags, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Rocky Steps, Sony

These are the famed Rocky Steps in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  I saw so many people running up the stairs and throwing their hands up in the air so that their friends/family could take a picture of them from the bottom of the stairs.  I doubt I would have done that.  I love to walk but I never run. 😆  The view when you turn around is impressive, even more so at night I would imagine.  It’s like you’re seeing the whole city.

10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, color, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Philadelphia city shots, Sony, trees, urban landscape

10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, bench, black and white, cell phones, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, shadow, sitting, Sony, trees

I like my cell phone too but they were like that for the longest time.  Where they waiting for someone?  Were they checking their Instagrams? 😆  I didn’t want to get too close and alert them, but honestly, they were so wrapped up in those phones I could have knelt right in front of them and they probably wouldn’t have noticed.

10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, background people, color, globe, gold, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, sculpture, Sony

I wandered around a bit more and then decided to head off back to the bus station.

10/28/2017, 35mm, a7Rii, bench, birds, color, feeding the birds, grass, park, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, sitting, Sony, street photography, trees

I thought this scene was so cute.  They’re all waiting patiently for him as he throws them bread.  They aren’t running around in a frenzy.  They’re standing there so calmly.  It was cute and funny at the same time. 

I’ll be going to Philly again (I go there so much it’s like I live there, lol) in December to do my usual street photography and food thing, but I also want to go and check out the Christmas market at night.  I’ve been to the one in Union Square but it really is too small (in my opinion) to properly have a Christmas market without everyone feeling all jammed in.


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