Festive Philadelphia

Festive Philadelphia

I took my most recent trip to Philadelphia specifically to see the Christmas market, but I wound up walking around so much that the time just got away from me and so I wound up seeing everything I wanted to see except the Christmas market!  It looks like any future trips to Philadelphia will have to wait until the weather warms up.  Not that I’m not loving the cold.  I love the cold but it does make it impossible to stay outside for hours at a time.  I didn’t take as many pictures as I normally do but I was able to get some interesting shots.

12/2/17, 35mm, a7Rii, Christmas tree, color, digital, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, red, reflections, snowflakes, Sony, street photography, window

As I’ve mentioned, I love holiday decorations and holiday window displays.  It’s such a happy time of the year and creates such an excited, festive atmosphere.  I remember one time my cousin and I (I was about 8 or 9) were out exploring Manhattan and we stopped to look inside this really expensive place to eat.  I’m going back more than 20 years so my memories are a bit fuzzy.  I remember that the only thing a young college student could afford there was a brownie (which we split).  All the tables were taken so we had to sit under this gigantic Christmas tree.  We looked like two giant presents.  😆 

12/2/17, 35mm, a7Rii, background people, black and white, digital, Meek Mill, news stand, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Sony, street photography

This isn’t so festive but definitely interesting.  I’m sure it would at least encourage conversation and many differing opinions.

12/2/17, 35mm, a7Rii, beard, black and white, bokeh, digital, drinking, eye contact, glasses, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Sony, street photography

I was wandering around and I saw this man.  Everything about him was interesting to me.  His outfit, beard, hat.  The cherry on the sundae was that he looked right at me with his chin up as he passed by.  It made the picture so much better than if he had been staring straight ahead and passing by me. 

12/2/17, 35mm, a7Rii, black and white, cello, classical, digital, musicians, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Sony, street photography, violin

I love classical music and these two were really good.  I wanted to get more and better pictures but they were in a very busy area and there was a lot of pedestrian traffic so this was the best I could do.  I wanted to stop and listen for a bit but I didn’t have a lot of time and I had to get back to the bus station.  

12/2/17, 35mm, a7Rii, black and white, boxes, digital, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Sony, street photography

I actually didn’t think I was going to get this picture.  I took it for the monthly challenge for the Five Fall Into Adventure group for the “boxes” topic.  I was crossing the street when I spotted him and not wanting to risk my life for a picture, I had to wait until I was safely on the sidewalk.  Of course, my settings and focus points weren’t correct so I had to adjust them.  Luck was on my side because I was able to get the shot.  

12/2/17, 35mm, a7Rii, bicycles, color, digital, man, mural, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Sony, street lamp, street photography, wall art

Love, love, love this shot.  I took it for the “people and street art” topic in the group and I love it.  The street art is the main focus but the man walking by just adds something to it, even though he’s so small in comparison to the mural that you have to really focus to even notice him at first.  No more Philly trips, or trips in general, until the weather gets warmer.  I love cold weather and hate warm weather, but it is easier to stay outside in the warmer weather than the cold, it’s just uncomfortable and you get sweaty.  I’ve heard that Philadelphia has amazing murals and street art and I need to make a trip just for the street art.



  1. Mister G.C.
    December 20, 2017 / 1:50 AM

    Some great street shots Tina, especially the interesting looking guy with the eye contact. Both of your Monthly Challenge shots are really good too with those full strides. The Amazon box looks as if it has a life of it’s own and is smiling for the camera. The smile can also be seen as an arrow pointing out your subject. Nice one.

    • Tina
      December 20, 2017 / 10:26 PM

      Thanks, Grant! I didn’t get a lot of pictures this time around, but quality over quantity, right? There are so many interesting things happening now for the holidays but I just need to brave the cold and take some pictures. I can’t stick to indoor photography the entire winter. I keep saying it, but I was so happy to get the shot of the guy with the Amazon box. I really thought it was going to come out blurry, or that I’d only get a shot of his back. That pic was my biggest triumph of the day. 😀

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