FryGuys and Walking Around St. Mark’s Place

FryGuys and Walking Around St. Mark’s Place

55mm, a7Rii, color photography, food, french fries, FryGuys, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, Sony, what to eat in NYC

I just have to say that this picture is one of my favorites of the day. It just reminds me of being a kid and just sleeping anywhere when you were tired. This guy was probably just resting and not actually sleeping, but the fact that nobody else walked by for about 20 seconds just made it look like it was his own little undisturbed place where he could recharge his energy. Anyway, my youngest niece is visiting us and I didn’t want her to be sitting in the house all day so I’ve been taking her out everyday. Most of the time we wind up just walking around and exploring, but sometimes we’ll do things like go out to eat. My brother told me that she’d like walking around St. Mark’s Place, so on this day I planned to take her to FryGuys and then walk off the calories ( 😀 , just kidding) and have a look around St. Mark’s Place. My niece loves fries and I’ve been meaning to go to FryGuys for months, so I figured this would be a new experience for the both of us. The bright colors of the sign above the door and the neon fries in the window definitely does a good job of enticing people to come inside and order something.  



55mm, a7Rii, color photography, drunk guy, food photography, french fries, FryGuys, mac 'n cheese tots, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, Sony, what to eat in NYC

These fries were so good and filling. The portion was large. Much larger than I was expecting, which was a good thing. I guess I’m just used to things in NYC being small compared to what you pay for them. I was so full off the fries that I didn’t even eat dinner that night. On the left was my order of “The Drunk Guy” (guacamole, bacon, and cheese) with a side of garlic aioli dipping sauce. My niece, a vegetarian, got the mac and cheese tots. She loves mac and cheese (I’m taking her to S’MAC sometime next week) so this was perfect for her. She got full much faster than I did because she said that with the mac and cheese on top it was like 2 meals in one, which is true. After filling ourselves up with delicious fries we headed over to St. Mark’s Place where I got a few good street shots. The warmer weather keeps us from staying outside as long as we would like, but I still got a few interesting pictures. My favorite being the first picture in this post and another interesting one being this next picture.

55mm, a7Rii, candid, color photography, crosswalk, eye contact, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, open toed shoes, pedestrian crossing, Photingo, polka dots, sandals, Sony, St. Mark's Place, street photography, the village, yellow shirt

My photography group has this thing called Photingo, which is basically photography Bingo. It was named so by a photographer friend of ours, Wayne, who sadly passed away last year. I was so busy with work that I didn’t even know Photingo had started until it was almost 2 months into the challenge. My friend Grant, who took over managing the group and blog after Wayne died, thought that I knew but just wasn’t interested/able to participate this year. I was in a mad rush to fill up my card (I’ve never been able to even when I started from the beginning), and I was in the last few days of the challenge. One of the topics was “eye contact”. I was taken by the fact that they were both wearing polka dots and wondering if they planned that, that I didn’t even notice they made eye contact until after I checked the picture out after I got on the sidewalk. Yes, I know. I chimped. I do that for two reasons. One, I don’t have the patience to wait until I get home to look at a picture I’m excited about. Two, if something is off with my settings, I want to fix it then instead of wasting an entire day of shooting and only getting a few keepers.

55mm, a7Rii, boots, buckles, color photography, Forever 21, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, patent leather, shiny, Sony

These are my nieces boots, which she looked totally cute and fashionable in, by the way. We were waiting for the bus and the way she was standing looked really cool. She moved just as I was about the take the picture so I tried to have her pose the same way again but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted.  I’m still posting the picture because the boots are really cool. It’s a good thing that we didn’t do a ton of walking because she said the boots were not that comfortable for long walks, but when has fashion ever been comfortable? Quite honestly, it’s why I’m secure with my status as a fashion victim.  😆 I never even used to own a pair of sneakers. Now, I only have two pairs of heels, both of which haven’t been worn in years. One is a pair of gorgeous strappy stilettos for parties, the other is a pair of sensible heels for interviews.

I could not decide which picture I liked best for this next shot. Color or black and white? I’m posting them both because I can’t make up my mind.

55mm, a7Rii, arm in arm, candid, capri pants, color photography, Grand St., jean jacket, jellies, Lower East Side, Manhattan, message t-shirts, New York City, NYC, pedal pushers, ponytail, Sony, street photography, stripes, women

55mm, a7Rii, arm in arm, black and white photography, candid, capri pants, Grand St., jean jacket, jellies, Lower East Side, Manhattan, message t-shirts, New York City, NYC, pedal pushers, ponytail, Sony, street photography, stripes, women

This picture was actually taken around the Lower East Side.  I’m guessing they are mother and daughter because they’re dressed so similarly.  My mother and I often do the same thing.



  1. August 6, 2018 / 11:48 AM

    I like the 2 persons with the dots ! I prefer the black and white version, because the red is too present in the other picture.

    • Tina
      August 6, 2018 / 11:17 PM

      I agree about the black and white. It makes them the main focus. Since their shirts were already black and white, it just makes the picture work better. 🙂

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