Goat Cheese and Mixed Vegetables Tart

Goat Cheese and Mixed Vegetables Tart

Ever since I went to Milan in April, (an amazing experience.  I wish I could go back) I’ve become slightly obsessed with zucchini.  It was never something I had eaten before but had always been curious to try. When I was in Milan with my friend Esther, we ate dinner one night at this restaurant called The Rocking Horse which was not far from our hotel.  I ordered this pizza that had zucchini in it and from that point on I was hooked on zucchini.  Once I got back to NYC I couldn’t stop experimenting with it (spaghetti with zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes, zucchini fries, etc.)

My latest craving comes in the form of goat cheese.  Years ago, when my cousin Tina was visiting NYC, she took me out to brunch.  She found this cute place that had a backyard garden area.  I wish I could remember the name because they had seriously mouth watering food.  Anyway, I ordered a goat cheese and tomato omelette.  I had never had goat cheese before so, being a big fan of trying new things (at least when it comes to food), I decided to take a chance on goat cheese.  Good thing I loved it because goat cheese has a bit of a sharp taste.  You’ll either love it or hate it.

I bought a small package of goat cheese from Union Market on E. Houston St. and made my version of a goat cheese and tomato omelette.  It came out pretty good if I do say so myself, but I had to figure out a way to use up the rest of that goat cheese.  Enter the goat cheese tart.

I stopped off at the supermarket on my way home from the dance recital at my old job.  I used to be the studio manager/bookkeeper at a children’s dance studio and I loved it there.  The landlord decided not to renew the lease so we all had to start looking for new jobs.  I did find another job but I really miss the studio.  My old boss asked me to do the music for the recital again and I accepted without hesitation.  Watching the children and older girls dance brought back so many memories from last year’s recital and made me a bit sad that the studio won’t be here after this month.  Sorry for that side story.  Back to the goat cheese tart.

I grabbed any vegetables I thought would taste good for what I had in mind.  Of course I had to pick up a zucchini.  I had a tomato at home so I was set with vegetables.  On impulse, I picked up a package of mushrooms.  I love mushrooms.  I pretty much love all vegetables and I hadn’t had mushrooms in a while so I figured why not?  I also picked up a package of crescent rolls.  I had planned to make my own crust but was just too tired by the time it was time to make dinner.  I got home, assembled all of my ingredients and got to work.  I wound up using more garlic than what I had in the picture, but I love garlic.  What can I say? 😀



One of my other loves is pasta and Italian food in general.  It’s one of my top three favorite foods.  (Italian, Japanese, and Middle Eastern, in no particular order.)  I’m partial to the Barilla brand.  I love that Costco carries various types of Barilla pasta.  I have way more pasta in my house than any normal person should have, but in my defense, I do eat it often.



This meal is great for vegetarians too.  My sister in law is a vegetarian and I’m always trying to think up new recipes to try out on her when I go to visit her, my brother, and my nieces.  Kind of my way of saying, “thanks for letting me stay in your house and being such awesome people.”  I’m big on quick, easy, tasty (and healthy) meals.  This whole thing took only about half an hour to make.  I spread the biscuits on a tin pan, added a mix of garlic (put through the garlic press), salt, black pepper, and extra virgin olive oil to the vegetables and mixed that in by hand to make sure the vegetables were all evenly coated.  Then I crumbled the rest of the goat cheese on the biscuits,  and poured the vegetable medley over that.  I put the tart in for 10 minutes at 375°F and waited.

I couldn’t stop staring through the oven door, excited waiting for the bell to finally ding, signaling that dinner was ready.

Finally my wait was over and I was able to settle down with some spaghetti with marinara sauce (with a little sugar to cut back on the acidity and some red wine vinegar) and the goat cheese tart.

I love trying new foods and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.  I used to be all about having recipes in front of me and following them to the letter but lately I’ve been just mixing things up on my own.  For the biscuits I grabbed a tin of the Pillsbury Honey Butter Crescent Rolls.  I figured that the sweetness of the rolls would go nicely with the tartness of the goat cheese.  I really liked how it turned out so I’ll probably be making sure I always have a can of those biscuits in my refrigerator.

Two posts and both of them about food.  Don’t worry.  This won’t turn into just a food blog, although food is one of the great joys of life so there will be quite a few food posts.   😆  My next post will be a book review.  If you like to laugh then you will love the book I’m going to review.


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