Life Update: Furniture, Food, and Jeans

Life Update: Furniture, Food, and Jeans

I can never think of a good title for a blog post.  It’s kind of like when I send e-mails to friends.  I normally just stick with a generic, “Hi from Tina”.  Much like in real life, I just prefer to get on with things.  I once had a friend tell me that I wrote the way I spoke.  Part of why I have trouble nailing down a title is because I tend to write/speak about a few different things, so I always waffle back and forth about the best title for the post.

For the past month or so I’ve been having trouble sleeping.  I’ve always been a night owl but it’s getting to the point where even when it’s 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, I’m just not tired.  I suppose it’s not really a surprise between work stress, life stress, general stress, and just being bored.  It’s a recipe for disaster.  I talk a lot about going to Cairo next year, but not being a millionaire, that’s just a dream right now.

There are some new things going on in my life right now.  Not huge, life changing things, but things that have put a smile on my face nevertheless.


Home Furnishings

35mm, a7Rii, bedside table, double doors, glass door cabinet, home furnishings, open space shelf, Sony 35mm, a7Rii, bedside table, double doors, glass door cabinet, home furnishings, open space shelf, Sony 35mm, a7Rii, chair with wheels, comfortable office chair, computer chair, cushioned seat, home furnishings, mesh, Sony

Not the most groundbreaking of news but I bought a few new pieces for my room.  First up is this cabinet I found off of  I had been wanting something where I could keep my cameras, lenses, and laptop.  I had been keeping them on the spare shelf of my bookcase but wanted something more permanent.  I really like this one because it has glass doors and that open space shelf, which is where I keep my laptop and whatever book I’m reading at the moment.  On the top I have room for a bedside lamp, clock radio, and a 5 port USB charger device.  I got the charger last year and it’s pretty handy.  It’s dual voltage, and it’s small and lightweight, which is great for traveling.

The second piece of furniture is this new chair.  For the past ten or so years, I’d been using a folding chair due to space issues, which was perfectly fine by me.  However, over the years, screws just kept randomly popping out.  How it didn’t just collapse underneath me I have no idea, but I figured that it was time for a new chair.  Considering how much more time I spend in front of a computer now that I have the blog, and the photography stuff I do, I opted for a more comfortable chair.  I found this one that has wheels, adjustable height, a comfortable and soft cushioned seat, and a nice supportive back.  So far I’m loving it.


New Clothes

55mm, a7Rii, Aeropostale, casualwear, clothes, Diary of An Introvert, jeans, jeggings, life update, Sony, stretchy, t-shirts

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I have way more lounge clothes for when I’m at home than I do outside clothes.  I do like to occasionally travel, I love going out to take pictures, but I’ve always been a homebody, even when I was a teenager and in my 20’s.  Having a variety of comfortable clothes is a must.  Yoga and sweatpants for winter, and capri pants and shorts for summer.  I always have to have short sleeve t-shirts, no matter the season.  In the summer we have air conditioning and in the winter we have heat.  It’s not like when you’re outside/on the bus or train/at work and you’re basically at the mercy of whoever controls the temperature.  I really like the t-shirts from Aeropostale because the material is soft and it doesn’t cling to you.

I’m a leggings girl.  I used to love the Mossimo leggings for Target but I recently discovered the Aeropostale leggings. When I was setting up the flat lay I forgot to include them in the picture and just realized it now. 😳 I love them even more than the Mossimo leggings.  These fit you like a glove, but are still ultra stretchy and comfortable.  The waistband doesn’t feel uncomfortable or tight at all, which is especially important because I absolutely loathe the feeling of anything too tight on my waist.  Maybe it’s all in my head but it always makes me feel like I have to pee all the time when I wear too tight waistbands.  

These ultra stretchy jeggings, also by Aeropostale, are the two and only pairs of jeans in my wardrobe.  I figured I should switch up my outfits a bit, since I wear leggings all year round, except for those super hot days when I have no choice but to wear a dress.  I’m not going to lie and say these are as comfortable as the leggings, but for denim they are surprisingly comfortable. They’re also high waisted so you don’t have to worry about your butt crack showing.  (Back when I used to wear denim I always made sure to wear a long enough shirt to cover the waistband and I made sure to hold the back of my jeans when I sat.)  I’ve always compared my struggles with jeans to that Seinfeld episode when Kramer couldn’t sit or walk properly because the jeans were so uncomfortable.   


New Food Place

55mm, a7Rii, assorted, Davidovich, Diary of An Introvert, everything, food, life update, New York bagels, poppyseed, Sony

55mm, a7Rii, assorted, Davidovich, Diary of An Introvert, everything, food, life update, New York bagels, poppyseed, Sony


This place isn’t new but it’s new to me.  My neighbor across the hall has given us bagels from Davidovich Bakery on two separate occasions.  The first time, I asked my mom to ask her where she got the bagels, but she forgot.  The second time, a piece of wrapping from the bakery was in the bag, so I looked them up online.  I was really excited to see that they had a spot in the Essex Street Market. 


I love a good smoked salmon and cream cheese on a bagel, so I decided to pick one up for lunch when I was passing by the market.  Here’s a shot from my Instagram.  First of all, the bagel is huge.  Like I could barely hold the bag in my hand.  This is a good thing because not only are you getting the best value for your money, but you’ll have something to eat for lunch the next day if you’re anything like me and get full halfway through.  The intense flavor, combined with the chewy but firm texture was perfection. I leave you with this picture. The bagels were so good that I bought a dozen bagels (3 everything, 3 poppyseed, 2 garlic, 2 onion, and 2 sesame) so we can have them with coffee for breakfast or with bacon, egg, and cheese for lunch. 

55mm, a7Rii, assorted, Davidovich, Diary of An Introvert, everything, food, life update, New York bagels, poppyseed, Sony

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