Lower East Side Street Art

Lower East Side Street Art

Street art fascinates me and there is a ton of it to be found in Manhattan and the Lower East Side.  I love walking around, or seeing from the bus, new murals that have been done, or going down streets where I’ve never been before and seeing some cool street art.  I was full of energy today and didn’t feel like just relaxing at home, especially because it’s going to be getting really hot in the next few days and then going outside probably won’t be an option on certain days.  I grabbed my camera and headed out to photograph some gems before they’re gone or graffitied over.  I do have a few graffiti shots, but as you’ll see, it’s a cool background for the main subject.  A few shots were taken on the Williamsburg Bridge because I was feeling ambitious with my walking today, but everything else was taken on the Lower East Side.  I did include a few street photography shots because why not, right?

6/26/18, 55mm photography, a7rii, art wall, color photography, Eminem, Epstein's, graffiti, John Gotti, Lower East Side, Manhattan, mural, New York City, NYC, Slim Shady, Sony, Spiderman, street art

I love to walk by Epstein’s because they always have interesting murals that change from time to time.  That block is also great for spotting other pieces of street art.  There are a bunch of restaurants and little shops and I guess they want to have a cool vibe to make people want to go in their stores.

6/26/18, 55mm photography, a7rii, beard, black and white photography, cell phone, charging your phone, face palm, free charger, glasses, Lower East Side, Manhattan, mobile, New York City, Nike, NYC, sitting on the ground, Sony, street phone charger, street photography

Those charging stations crack me up because you always see, without fail, someone standing there, either jamming to their music or texting while their phone charges.  I personally carry one of those small portable chargers with me, so that I don’t have to be anchored to a spot on the street for 20 minutes or however long until I get enough battery life on my phone to get me home.

55mm photography, a7Rii, black and white photography, bus shelter, bus stop, cane, doorway, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, sitting, Sony, street photography, sunglasses, waiting for the bus, walking stick

I was trying to get a bus stop shot for my Photingo card.  Sounds simple enough in a big city like New York, right?  This one is okay but I think I can do better than this.  I might still submit this shot, but for now, it’s in the maybe pile.

55mm photography, a7Rii, color photography, dumpsters, graffiti, Lower East Side, Manhattan, mural, New York City, no parking sign, no people shots, NYC, skill, Sony, spaceship, street art, UFO

I love this piece.  It really makes you feel like you’re in outer space or something like that.  Imagine standing in front of this wall at night, with only the street lights shining on it.  That would definitely set the “out of this world” mood.  I like how they incorporated the dumpsters into the piece so that it blends in and doesn’t look so grotty.  I wish the street sign hadn’t been in the way, but you can’t have everything the way you want it, right?

6/26/18, 55mm photography, a7rii, black and white photography, crossing the street, dress, horizontal stripes, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, Sony, spaghetti strap, street photography, wind blown hair

We long haired girls know the struggle.  Whether it’s a strong wind or a light breeze, no sooner do you move your hair out of your face, when another gust of wind comes along and blows your hair right back in your face.  Add in some lipgloss for the hair to stick to and it looks like you’re walking down the street, slapping yourself in the face.

6/26/18, 55mm photography, a7rii, beautiful woman, color photography, eyeliner, getting ready, graffiti, Lower East Side, Manhattan, mural, New York City, not bad for a girl, NYC, Sony, street art





I love everything about this piece.  It’s so colorful, the framing is great, and the detail is incredible.  I’m even digging the winged blue eyeliner.  In my 20’s my makeup leaned more towards my goth phase from my teens.  Now, the best part of my day is taking off the little makeup I do wear.









6/26/18, 55mm photography, a7rii, Brooklyn, color photography, Sony, street photography, sunglasses, vertical stripes, walking, Williamsburg Bridge

I took this shot for the vertical lines category for Photingo but then I remembered that I already submitted a shot for that category.  I like this picture anyway because I’ve never seen that shade of yellow before.  It would probably look really nice on a dress, or a long sweater.

55mm photography, a7Rii, Adidas, bicycle, color photography, graffiti, graffiti background, heart, love, Lower East Side, Manhattan, mural, New York City, NYC, rainbow, shorts, Sony, street art, street photography

6/26/18, 55mm photography, a7rii, color photography, counter, graffiti, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, sitting, Sony, street art, street photography, sunglasses

I’m still a little undecided about which one of these pictures to choose for the graffiti background.  The second picture is technically “graffiti”, but I think it’s any kind of street art background.  The first picture is more colorful but the second one has a really cool gritty feel.  It reminds me of how Brooklyn used to be before the hipsters took over.



  1. June 29, 2018 / 2:39 PM

    What a nice bunch of pictures, mixing street and murals. Il like them all a lot. The guy in the middle of the graffitis is so Brooklyn ! It’s how I remember some parts of Brooklyn.

    • Tina
      June 30, 2018 / 12:12 AM

      Thanks, Esther! Actually, that picture was taken in Manhattan, not far from Delancey St. I’m not sure, but I think that place recently closed down because I’m almost positive it was still open for business a few months ago.

      • July 2, 2018 / 12:14 PM

        Oups, it was Manhattan and not Brooklyn. I should come back to NYC to avoid making this kind of mistake !! I miss New York. I’m gonna see if I can come back new year, or ever this autumn 🙂
        By the way, I like your new blog’s theme, especially with your “about me” profile.

        • Tina
          July 2, 2018 / 6:02 PM

          That would be great if you could come back soon to NYC. We could all get together taking pictures, exploring, and eating of course. 😀

          Actually, and I said this to Grant, your blog was the inspiration for my site redesign. I loved how everything was centered in the middle on my last blog theme, but the posts kept getting out of date order, and the main page was taking on this weird angled look so I purchased a new theme from a different company but the pictures came out way too big (where you’d have to scroll to see the entire thing) no matter what size I exported them. The new theme I’m using has different layout options and I’ve always like the look of yours and how the pictures fit so nicely.

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