Sugarfish, Georgetown Cupcake and Lazy Sunday Wanderings

Sugarfish, Georgetown Cupcake and Lazy Sunday Wanderings

I love going to Sugarfish.  I have my budget friendly places that I absolutely love, but every once in a while I feel like having the different types of fish and those yummy hand rolls in the crisp seaweed that the servers always make a point to tell you to eat “while the seaweed is still crispy.”  I can’t wait until the Michigan fam comes to NYC for a visit. I really want to take my brother and oldest niece here.  I think they’d love it as much as I do.

My first stop was (of course) for food.  I had had a major craving for Sugarfish for weeks.  I made the mistake the last time of going on a Saturday so of course there was a three hour wait.  This time I decided to go on a Sunday and I was seated right away. They put me at the bar since it was just me, but I didn’t mind at all.  I passed on the edamame (the first time I had it I had no idea how to eat it so I just shoved the whole pod in my mouth and tried to chew it all. 😆 )  Most of these pictures were taken with my point and shoot.  I have no problem eating by myself but something about taking pictures of my food in public makes me feel like a bit of a dick.  Usually I get the Trust Me Lite but I was hungry so I got the Nozawa Trust Me.  First up was the tuna sashimi. Absolutely delicious.

Sugarfish, sushi in NYC, food in NYC, tuna sashimi

I’m not sure what the rest of these are but they were definitely the melt in your mouth buttery goodness that only good quality sushi can have.

Sugarfish, sushi in NYC, food in NYC,

Sugarfish, sushi in NYC, food in NYC,

It’s hard to make an uncut roll look appetizing but I tried my best.  The seaweed being crispy really does make a difference.  It adds a whole different texture and flavor to the roll.  I think this may have been the toro roll but I’m not 100% sure.

hand roll, Sugarfish, sushi in NYC, food in NYC,

After all of that delicious food I had to do something to burn off those calories so I decided to walk around and see what interesting things I could find.  This window display was right across the street from Sugarfish.  The ballerinas reminded me of the dance studio where I used to work.  So simple but so beautiful.  Whoever thought this up is a genius as far as I’m concerned.35mm, a7Rii, ballerinas, ballet shoes, beads, color, NYC, Sony, tutus, window display

I came across a street fair and figured there would be lots of interesting things to photograph.  I was looking for street style shots for our group’s month themes challenge and I thought this would be a good one for the “reflection” category.
35mm, a7Rii, color, mirror, NYC, reflection, Sony, sunglasses

Ever since I got back from Italy I have been obsessed with scarves.  Not that I have the opportunity to wear them because I’m usually in yoga pants and t-shirts.  Dammit!  I can’t escape from them. 😆 I had been wearing dresses and the usual summer wear but my leg is still a little bruised from a fall I had so until it clears up completely, it’s yoga pants and (if it’s not too hot) leggings.

35mm, a7Rii, color, NYC, scarves, Sony

35mm, a7Rii, color, necklaces, NYC, Sony


I love the look of necklaces and earrings, but only the look of them.  I hate wearing jewelry.  I hate having something constantly against my skin, but it does look pretty and it does add a little something to your outfit so when I have a special occasion of some kind, I see if I have anything that won’t irritate my life after a few hours.



35mm, a7Rii, color, necklaces, NYC, Sony




These cute little coin purses would have definitely come in handy.  Even though I rarely have cash on me, the bottom of my purse always seems to jingle with spare change.





This looks so good.  If I hadn’t just eaten at Sugarfish I definitely would have been tempted to try this.

35mm, a7Rii, color, food stand, NYC, sausage, Sony, street fair

35mm, a7Rii, color, food truck, Italian ices, NYC, Sony, street fair




I saw this truck and immediately wished that I did carry cash on me.  Those flavors all look delicious.




35mm, a7Rii, color, Georgetown Cupcake, menu, NYC, Soho, Sony



After all of this walking I was craving sweets so I decided to go to Georgetown Cupcake.  I was never even big on cupcakes until I went to Georgetown.  I have no idea what they do to their cupcakes but it’s amazing.  They have their daily and regular menus on the wall by the display cases. My favorite cupcake is coffee cookies and cream but they didn’t have them that day.



35mm, a7Rii, color, cupcakes, Georgetown Cupcake, NYC, Sony


No matter how steady I try to keep the bag when I walk, the cupcakes always seem to wind up like this.  If you ever order from them, don’t worry because twice I’ve sent cupcakes to my niece for her birthday and they are packaged really securely.  I know the top right cupcake is german chocolate fudge and the top left is lemon blueberry, but I can’t remember what the bottom one is.  I think it’s one of the new cupcakes “toasted coconut caramel”.


Here’s a better shot to tempt your tastebuds.  Double milk chocolate birthday on the left and chocolate birthday on the right.  No matter what you get when you go here, you can’t go wrong.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad cupcake from here.  It’s always been pure sugary delight.

35mm, a7Rii, color, cupcakes, Georgetown Cupcake, NYC, Soho, Sony


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