Milan – A Street Photographer’s Paradise

Milan – A Street Photographer’s Paradise

Maybe it’s because it’s my favorite place that I’ve been to so far, but I enjoy street photography more in Italy than any place else.  Part of it is because it’s someplace new to me and despite what people say, sometimes you do need new surroundings to be inspired.  I try to take my camera out at least once a week (preferably more) but a lot of the times I come back with next to nothing.  I’m basically taking the camera for a walk.  It’s because I’m seeing the same things and the same people and it bores me out of my mind.  When you go on vacation, or even a day trip, it’s different than what you’re used to seeing so it’s easier to find something that you consider interesting.  Also, the vibe is different in Italy.  In my experience, people don’t really care if you take their picture.  I’ve gotten some confused looks, some laughs, but never anyone throwing a fit like occasionally happens here in NYC.

55mm, a7Rii, across the street, color, dog, Italy, man's best friend, Milan, old man, sitting, Sony, store window, street photography, travel photography, wanderlust

It seems like everyone has a dog in Italy.  I love dogs.  Some of the dogs in my neighborhood are so cute and playful, just like puppies.  I wish I had a dog but we live in an apartment right now.  Our building does allow pets but I don’t want to have to go outside during bad weather (rain, snowstorm) etc.  When we lost power for a few days for some of the hurricanes, a dog would have still needed to be taken outside to use the bathroom.  That would mean walking up and down 9 flights of stairs with a flashlight several times a day, including at night, and standing outside the building with just a flashlight breaking a tiny slice of the darkness that was all around you.  In a few years when we’re finally out of this city and we have a yard?  Absolutely.  Right now?  Probably not.

55mm, a7Rii, cell phone, color, dog, earbuds, Italy, Milan, retractable leash, scooter, Sony, street photography, travel photography, wanderlust

A lot of these pictures were taken when I was trying to get shots for the monthly challenges for the Flickr group I’m a part of along with Esther and a few other photographer friends.  The dog is the most alert one in this shot.  He’s looking right at me. 😀

55mm, a7Rii, blur, child, color, feeding the birds, flapping their wings, fly away, Italy, Milan, Sony, street photography, surrounded, travel photography, wanderlust

This makes for an interesting picture but I always get nervous when too many birds are near me.  With all the birds that are always around the Duomo, I’m surprised that I’ve never seen anyone get any bird droppings on them.

55mm, a7Rii, blue sweater, cobblestones, color, colored lenses, eye contact, friends, Italy, Milan, Sony, street photography, sunglasses, travel photography, walking, wanderlust

I noticed these two women because it was so hot outside and one of them was wearing a sweater.  In general, her outfit is really nice but she must have been melting.  I totally get carrying some kind of cardigan type sweater or jacket with you because the weather is just too temperamental at this time of year, but wearing one you can’t take off?  I couldn’t do that.  They are both wearing comfortable shoes, and good on them.  Those cobblestones are torture on your feet.  My ballet flats have cushioning on the insides so it handled the occasional cobblestoned area in Milan very well but were no match for the streets of Rome.

55mm, a7Rii, blue, bottled water, color, H&M, Italian fashion, Italy, mannequins, Milan, Miss Sixty, Sony, staying hydrated, store window, street photography, travel photography, wanderlust, window display

I love the color blue, especially a deep, dark blue like that.  The matching sparkly scarf was just perfect.

55mm, a7Rii, bike, bike rack, color, from behind, Italy, Milan, sitting, Sony, street photography, travel photography, uncomfortable, wanderlust

That just looks really uncomfortable.  Besides, what if someone came along and wanted to park their bike?

55mm, a7Rii, bench, bored bangs, color, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, eye contact, Italy, Milan, Sony, stare down, street photography, travel photography, wanderlust. sitting, what is with that hair

Not even going to lie, I was fascinated by that man’s hair.  I took a shot before this one but didn’t like how it came out so I took another one, and just as I pressed the shutter button, the man happened to look right at me.  Yet he didn’t say anything, which is what I meant about people being more chilled out in Italy.  People are a lot more suspicious in NYC, although I guess it’s about your perspective because I’ve heard other people say the same things about NYC that I say about Italy.

55mm, a7Rii, color, Italy, lace, Milan, parasol, reflection, Sony, street photography, street vendor, sunglasses, travel photography, umbrella, wanderlust

Is this something new?  The selling of umbrellas (or parasols) I mean.  You still have the guys trying to sell you those string bracelets, but this time around I saw a lot of vendors trying to sell parasols and light up plastic balloons.

55mm, a7Rii, beard, businessman, color, girlfriend, hand up, Italy, Milan, Sony, street photography, suit, sunglasses, tie, travel photography, wanderlust

Despite what it looks like, this gesture actually wasn’t for me. 😆 He and his friend were laughing about something and he held up his hand to try and make his point.

55mm, a7Rii, beautiful woman, color, high fashion, Italy, jumpsuit, low cut, Milan, OVS, polka dots, ponytail, red lips, shopping, Sony, spaghetti straps, stacked heels, street photography, sunglasses, travel photography, wanderlust

How stunning is she?  She really does look like a model walking down the street.  Pictures like this makes me want to up my style game but I’ve done the whole heels and nice clothes things in my 20’s and my feet were always killing me by the end of the day.  I’m past the heels stage and now in the “those sneakers are so cute!” stage. 😆 Seriously though, her whole outfit is on point.  Italy has no shortage of well dressed women and men.

I hope you enjoyed the Italy series.  Wednesday’s post will be on the day trip I took today to Croton Gorge Park.  It was perfect and beautiful but I had a moment that made me a little nervous.


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