Milan at Night and Breakdancers

Milan at Night and Breakdancers

I was so happy when Esther arrived in Milan. I couldn’t wait for us to get out and explore and take pictures together. I also was a little unsure of how things worked in restaurants in Italy. Simona had told me that I just sit down and someone would come over to me. Over here, it’s the opposite. You wait until someone comes up to you to seat you and then someone else comes over after a while to take your order. I tried to do it the way Simona told me but after ten minutes nobody had come up to me. They saw me come in and sit down so I’m not sure if I did something wrong, but basically I couldn’t do that dance for every single meal, except breakfast because they had a breakfast buffet at the hotel.   😆

Milan, Italy, night photography, Sony, a7Rii, 35mm, architectural photography

Esther got there sometime in the day and we hit the ground running.  We grabbed our cameras and headed out, anxious to see all that Milan had to offer.  We spent very little time at the hotel that entire week.  There was so much to see and do and we wanted to see and do everything.  We did a lot of window shopping and towards the end of our trip Esther found this amazing clothing store called CVG near the Duomo and we both bought a few items.

Milan, Italy, Sony, a7Rii, 35mm, window display, hats,

One night, after we finished having dinner at this place called The Rocking Horse, located at Corso Como, 12, 20145 Milano, Italy (no website so here’s a link to the pizza I had one night and the pasta I had on our last night in Milan) we decided to walk up this ramp that was right across the street.  It had all these different stores and some of the window displays were really cool, like this one of all the hats illuminated by the lights.  It really does look like the hats are floating.

Milan, Italy, scooters, night photography, Sony, a7Rii, 35mm

I remember this commercial from a few years ago, I think it was for Secret deodorant, where a woman was in Italy and she asked this handsome Italian man for directions.  He didn’t really speak English and she didn’t seem to understand him, so he said he’d take her there and the next scene is of the handsome man driving his scooter with the woman on the seat behind him.  I think it was for Secret deodorant because as they sped off the woman said (or thought) something like “My secret?  I speak fluent Italian.”  Whenever I saw scooters I would think of that commercial.  Too bad I didn’t have the same luck as that woman.  😆

Sforza Castle, Milan, Italy, Sony, a7rii, 35mm, night photography

The two places we seemed to pass by every day were Sforza Castle and the Duomo. Even though it was great to see new things every day, it was nice to have some familiar places to pass by, especially at the end of the night when we were going back to the hotel.  As I said to Esther when she first arrived, “Home sweet hotel.”

Sforza Castle, Milan, Italy, Brera district, night photography, Sony, a7Rii, 35mm

Is it just me or does it look like the man in the blue shirt (to the right of the street lamps) is jogging?

Sforza Castle, night photography, fountain, Italy, Milan, Brera district, Sony, a7Rii, 35mm

When we were walking back to the hotel we couldn’t help but take quite a few pictures of the beautiful fountain near Sforza Castle.  It’s impressive enough during the day but it is absolutely breathtaking at night when it’s all lit up and the castle is lit up in the background.



  1. June 28, 2017 / 2:59 PM

    Your nights shot are excellent. I remember the tons of pictures we took together on this first night in Milan 😉

    • Tina
      June 28, 2017 / 10:38 PM

      That whole week was so much fun. It’s nice to explore a new place with someone with common interests. I couldn’t have asked for a better travel buddy. 🙂

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