Quick Dinner Idea: Fettuccine and Shrimp With Garlic and Olive Oil

Quick Dinner Idea: Fettuccine and Shrimp With Garlic and Olive Oil

I love this meal because it combines two of my favorite things to eat.  Pasta and seafood (click for PDF recipe.)  It’s also quick (30 minutes or less) which is great when you’re in a rush to get home from work and have dinner ready without too much fuss because of course we’re always starving when we get home from work.  It’s also fairly light, not covered in heavy sauces, so you don’t feel like a sack of wet cement when you’re done eating.  

Very little prep work is needed.  Just dice the tomatoes and put the garlic through a garlic press.

Add in a little bit of butter and let it melt.

Add in the shrimp and let everything simmer, covered, under low heat.  Check every so often to see if the flame needs to be raised or lowered.

While the shrimp is cooking, get your favorite pasta (I chose fettuccine) and set to boil.  I prefer my pasta al dente.  I cannot eat pasta when it’s overcooked.  It just grosses me out, that feeling of mushy pasta in your mouth.  Toss in the pasta and wait for it to be ready.  Check the shrimp and see if any adjustments to the flame need to be made.

When the pasta is done, drain and add a little bit of olive oil to prevent the pasta from sticking.  Even though you will add it to the water as well while it’s cooking, it tends to stick after it’s been drained.  When the shrimp is fully cooked, add to drained pasta.

Stir and serve.  A quick and delicious meal, all in less than 30 minutes.  


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