S’mores Churro, Flea Market Finds, and South Street Seaport

S’mores Churro, Flea Market Finds, and South Street Seaport

Here’s a secret.  I’m a s’mores addict.  Anything s’mores related and I’m there.  There’s just something so perfect about that simple dessert. When I heard about the s’mores churro from Boqueria I knew I had to try it.  Unfortunately it didn’t taste as good as it looked on Instagram. It’s become a general rule that if something is all over Instagram, it probably isn’t as good as it’s being made out to be.  I still would have tried it anyway just because of how much I love s’mores, but if you’re thinking about trying this dessert, my advice would be to pass, or to try and make your own version at home.  The picture up above is okay, but here’s a better picture to give you a better idea of what it looked like.  The churro was dry, hard, and tasteless.  That’s pretty much all the review you need.  

Moving on, I decided to do a bit of walking and found myself in the area of Georgetown Cupcake.  I didn’t go in (this time, haha) but I did walk around and take pictures of a flea market that I see there on the weekends.  I don’t know if they have it every weekend, but I’ve seen it there whenever I’m in the area on a Saturday or Sunday.  The skull was what made me cross the street to get a picture.  It just seemed like such an odd thing to have among the bowls and pins.  One of these things is not like the others.  

bowls, color, DSC RX100iii, flea market, NYC, skull, Soho, Sony

I love these purses but none of them would hold all of the things I need to carry.  Hand sanitizer, lotion, phone, wallet, camera, small flashlight. Yes, flashlight.  250 lumens.  I hate the dark and it’s good to be prepared.  What if the building lost power and I had to walk upstairs to my apartment?  It works pretty well, too.  My youngest niece and I tried it out in their backyard in Michigan at night and it lit up the entire backyard.

color, DSC RX100iii, flea market, NYC, outdoor market, purses, Soho, Sony

My aunt Tishi would have loved this stuff.  When she was alive she was very into things like healing crystals, Tarot cards, etc.  I miss her a lot. She was such a cool lady.  Intelligent, independent, beautiful, sassy.  Her personality was like Dorothy from The Golden Girls.  

color, crystals, DSC RX100iii, flea market, NYC, outdoor market, Soho, Sony

color, DSC RX100iii, flea market, healing stones, NYC, Soho, Sony

I’m not exactly sure what these are.  The fabric is too thin to be a rug.  I think I’ve heard of people hanging these on their walls.

area rugs, color, DSC RX100iii, flea market, NYC, Soho, Sony

area rugs, color, DSC RX100iii, flea market, NYC, Soho, Sony, Taj Mahal

I seriously could not believe this.  I guess it is kind of funny, but it was one of those 😯 moments.  This guy was standing on the corner handing out free samples.  These girls called him over so they could get a sample and directions.  car with top down, color, DSC RX100iii, NYC, pointing, Soho, Sony, street photography

I love this picture.  At first I thought she was taking a selfie but as I passed her I gathered that she was yelling at her boyfriend.  I wonder if it was pure coincidence that she picked such an interesting wall as her background.  

color, DSC RX100iii, mural, negative space, NYC, Soho, Sony, wall

I wasn’t quite ready to go home so I decided to hop on the train and head to the South Street Seaport and see what was going on there.   I love this colorful mosaic/mural thing at the Spring Street subway station.  

color, DSC RX100iii, mosaic, NYC, Soho, Sony, subway, train station

It’s been fixed up a little but it really hasn’t been the same since Hurricane Sandy.  It’s sad.  I used to go there on school trips when I was a kid and it was always so busy.  It was the go to spot for my first boyfriend and me when we could never figure out what to do and we had already gone through the whole, “‘What do you want to do?’ ‘I don’t know.  What do you want to do?’ ‘I don’t know, what do you want to do?'” conversation.boat, color, DSC RX100iii, flags, NYC, red, Sony, South Street Seaport

It was a little bit warm that day and people were doing what they had to do to beat the heat.  I really don’t like the summer.  I actually don’t like any extreme weather.  If I had a car I wouldn’t care because in the summer I’d put the air conditioning on and in the winter I’d put the heat on. When I have to be outside for long periods of time I prefer the spring and fall.  (Excuse me.  Autumn for my European friends who are constantly correcting me. 😆 )  If I had a car I’d love when it was winter.  The cold always makes my hair look good and it makes it easy for me to fall asleep at night.

color, dress, DSC RX100iii, hat, NYC, plaid, sandals, Sony, South Street Seaport, umbrella, woman

I have no idea what they are doing but I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s a bad idea.  I would never risk that.  There’s too much room for error.  They don’t even seem to have any kind of safety harness.  Whatever it is they are doing isn’t worth risking their health or lives.

boat, color, DSC RX100iii, NYC, Sony, South Street Seaport


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