Sushi Burger and Another Day Trip To Philadelphia

Sushi Burger and Another Day Trip To Philadelphia

I like taking day trips to Philadelphia.  It’s only about 2 hours from NYC by bus and I get to wander around and eat at new places.  You pretty much get what you pay for when you take a Greyhound bus.  This is the second time in a row that the bus didn’t leave on time.  I usually take the 11:00 bus but this time I booked a 10:00 bus.  We still wound up leaving an hour late.  There were people there since 8:00 in the morning. Seriously, you can’t facepalm hard enough at this shit.  Either way, I wound up having 7 hours to wander around Philly, eating and taking pictures.  Bringing home a Philly cheesesteak from Ishkabibble’s for my mother and me for the next day’s dinner is a must but my lunch goal for this trip was trying a sushi burger.

35mm, a7Rii, Bubblefish, color, Pennsylvania, Philadephia, Sony, sushi burgerI’m not going to go too much into this because I want to do a comparison of some of the other sushi burgers that I’m planning to try, including another attempt at getting a sushi burger at the Red Eye Grill here in Manhattan.  I will say that this thing was huge (I couldn’t finish all of it) and it was delicious.  It did have a slight sweetness to it so I won’t say it was amazing until I have something to compare it to, but if you’re ever at Bubblefish near the Greyhound bus station in Philadelphia, try the sushi burger.  The other items on their menu looked, and smelled, delicious as well so you can’t really go wrong with whatever you get.  Be warned that they don’t carry soda.  I ordered a Coke because that’s what I always get when I go out to eat, even though I don’t drink Coke except when I’m in a restaurant.  They have a large selection of milk and bubble teas.  I ordered the first thing I saw, which happened to be one of the green tea milk teas.  I’m not a huge fan of green tea, but I didn’t want to have a Seinfeld moment where she walks away and it’s a few minutes before she comes back.  😀  The service was quick and friendly so you’ll be taken care of either way.

35mm, a7Rii, bicycle, color, no people shots, pattern, Pennsylvania, Philadephia, shadow, Sony


Having to do something to burn off all of those calories, I decided to walk and explore the neighborhood.  The weather was supposed to be sunny and nice in Philadelphia so I had taken my a7Rii with me. It was nice just walking around, being a tourist so to speak.




35mm, a7Rii, color, dragons, no people shots, Pennsylvania, Philadephia, Sony


I had seen these dragons in front of a carpark the last time I was here but I had forgotten to take pictures of them.  It’s funny how just being in a different place has you thinking that everything you see is amazing and so different from where you live.  I was really pleased with how the colors were coming out in these pictures.  I only had to do minor tweaking (sharpening and such) in editing.



I wanted to do something different on this trip so I decided to walk through Franklin Square.  It was very pretty.  It reminded me of walking through the park last year in downtown Holland, MI.

35mm, a7Rii, color, Franklin Square, no people shots, Pennsylvania, Philadephia, Sony

This place looked interesting and I saw a lot of people getting food from the window.  If I hadn’t already eaten a sushi burger I definitely would have tried some of the food.  If that many people are eating from there it has to be good.

35mm, a7Rii, color, food stand, Franklin Square, park, Pennsylvania, Philadephia, Sony, Square Burger

If anyone knows the history of any of these pieces or art walls, please tell me.  I wouldn’t even know where to research these things.  I just photograph what I find interesting.  History is more Esther’s thing than mine.

35mm, a7Rii, American flag, color, no people shots, Pennsylvania, Philadephia, sculpture, Sony, steps, wires

I’ve heard the art walls in Philadelphia are a big attraction, not just for tourists but locals as well.  I don’t know if these would be considered the art walls but they are really beautiful and were done by someone with a lot of talent.35mm, a7Rii, color, don't walk signal, mural, no people shots, Pennsylvania, Philadephia, Sony, stagecoach

35mm, a7Rii, color, mural, no people shots, Pennsylvania, Philadephia, Sony, top hat

35mm, a7Rii, color, mural, no people shots, Pennsylvania, Philadephia, Sony, stagecoach35mm, a7Rii, color, mural, no people shots, Pennsylvania, Philadephia, Sony, top hat

Next stop was Chinatown.  I didn’t spend too much time here because I was on a bit of a time crunch, but I did get some interesting shots, and some good places to go to eat in the future.

35mm, a7Rii, Chinatown, color, crosswalk, Pennsylvania, Philadephia, Sony, traffic signal

35mm, a7Rii, color, mural, no people shots, parking lot, Pennsylvania, Philadephia, Sony





I wound up getting thoroughly lost and I was never so grateful to have a smartphone.  Seriously, how did we get by without them?  Complain about all these young whippersnappers and their fancy gadgets all you want, but technology was made to make our lives easier.  I didn’t get a phone until I was 23 and a smartphone until I was 26 or 27.  My sense of direction sucks and depriving me of technology isn’t going to change that.  I did get a shot of this gorgeous mural somewhere near Chinatown.




I saw this woman set up her table near a firehouse, but the street wasn’t busy so I’m not sure how much business she actually does.

35mm, a7Rii, color, hats, Pennsylvania, Philadephia, Sony, street vendor

Were they part of some group or something?  Like how in that movie Wild Hogs they were part of their own motorcycle group, only these people were part of a Segway group.35mm, a7Rii, color, helmets, Pennsylvania, Philadephia, Segway, Sony, street photography

Funny story about this picture.  A FedEx, or maybe it was UPS, truck was turning into the parking lot but he didn’t pass me.  I think he was waiting for me to take my picture, which was nice.  I told him that it was okay and that he could go.  As he was driving by, I started waving my arms and screeching like a crazy person.  A bee flew around my head and I freaked out. 😆 At least I got a cool shot of this mural.

35mm, a7Rii, color, mural, no people shots, parking lot, Pennsylvania, Philadephia, Sony, white cars


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