The Sights And Canals Of The Navigli District

The Sights And Canals Of The Navigli District

I couldn’t decide if I liked the posts better where I show the picture and then talk about it, or talk about it first and then show the picture.  I figured I’d talk first in this post and then show and see how it goes.  Moving along, we get to a post I’m pretty excited about and that’s the post about the Navigli district. It was a bit of a hike to get to the Navigli district from the Brera district where our hotel was, but the views and of course the buffet at Vintage was well worth it.  There was a lot of interesting street art to see the closer we got to the Navigli district.

35mm, a7Rii, color, Italy, Milan, Navigli district, Sony, street art, street art in Italy

This one was my favorite.  It looks like the drawers are painted into the wall but it was actually a dresser set that was painted and pushed against the wall.  Very creative use of furniture.

35mm, a7Rii, cobblestone, color, Italy, Milan, Navigli district, Sony, street art, street art in Italy

35mm, a7Rii, bridge, color, Italy, locks, Milan, Navigli district, Sony



I guess a lot of places have those love locks.  I know some people get pissy about them for whatever reason, but I think it’s kind of sweet seeing all of those locks with the names and dates of the couples who put them there.  I wonder how many of those couples are still together.



drowning, DSC RX100iii, green hat, Italy, Milan, Navigli district, sad man, Sony, street art, twigs



This is just me speculating (and isn’t that what art is, really? Everybody has their own interpretation) but I think this might be related to anxiety or something similar.  The man looks so sad and the people around him all seem to be drowning. Drowning from all the stress in their lives perhaps?


Esther got a really cool picture of someone walking down the stairs.  She had the patience to wait for just the right moment. Patience has never been a trait of mine.  DSC RX100iii, Italy, legs, Milan, Navigli district, person, shark, Sony, stairs, street art

I’m not really sure what this is meant to convey but I see the name Michael Brown so I can guess.  DSC RX100iii, Italy, Milan, Navigli district, Sony, street art

The people who live in those buildings must have the most incredible views.  (They must also be incredibly rich. 😆 )  While we were walking around, Esther met a woman from the USA who had an apartment along one of the canals.  She was a lawyer and had to travel a lot for her job.35mm, a7Rii, black and white, canal, Italy, Milan, Navigli District, sitting, Sony, street photography in Italy

35mm, a7Rii, canal, color, Italy, Milan, Navigli district, Sony, urban landscape, urban landscape in Italy, water

These views were beyond amazing.  It just fueled my wanderlust.  The world is so big and I want to see as much of it as I can.  I’d love to see what the canals look like in the winter.  I do love the winter but walking around everywhere would probably not be a possibility.  The weather was perfect every day that we were there.  Warm but not humid or sticky. Walking around in the cold would not be fun at all, although it would make falling to sleep at night happen much faster.



35mm, a7Rii, canal, color, Italy, Milan, Navigli district, Sony, urban landscape, urban landscape in Italy, water



These views remind me of Venice.  It must be so relaxing to sit along the canal, by yourself or with friends (but I would probably be by myself, 😆 ) and just relax.  Everywhere you looked you saw people just sitting down, so carefree and relaxed.



35mm, a7Rii, boat, canal, color, Italy, Milan, Navigli district, restaurant boat, Sony, urban landscape, urban landscape in Italy, water
It would have been so cool to have something to eat or drink on that boat, but there wasn’t enough time. It probably would have been crazy expensive but the views would have been amazing and the food probably would have been, too.





I have no idea where they rented these (what are they?).  Maybe they brought their own.  I didn’t even think you could just paddle through the canal like that.  It was interesting either way.35mm, a7Rii, black and white, boat, canal, children, girls, Italy, Milan, oars, Sony, street photography in Italy

35mm, a7Rii, black and white, couple, Italy, Milan, Navigli District, ponytail, public advertisements, Sony, street photography in Italy




Geez, get a room.   🙄  At one point it was almost like they were in competition with each other.  We get it.  You’re into each other.  Congratulations.





Everybody rode bikes in Milan, from the very young to the very old.  I would have liked to rent a bicycle but I have no sense of direction and didn’t feel like possibly wiping out and making an idiot out of myself in another country. 😆
35mm, a7Rii, bicycles, black and white, Italy, Milan, Sony, street photography in Italy, sunglasses

35mm, a7Rii, black and white, cell phone, Italy, keys, Milan, Navigli District, Sony, street photography in Italy, sunglasses



After Esther and I finished eating at Vintage, we decided to try and get some street style shots.  I kind of like this one.  I like how they seem to be in unison, from which foot is in front to the way the same arm is swinging behind them.  They’re also both dressed in black with sunglasses.  They even both have their purses over the same shoulder.




This is my favorite street style shot of the day.  I’m not a big fan of inhaling cigarette smoke but good luck avoiding that in Italy.  In this picture it worked for some reason.  He’s had his food and his drink and now he needs a cigarette.

When I went to Germany I was so excited to be seeing something different.  It was beautiful there and I loved being there.  Germany was the first country I’ve ever visited and for that it will always be special, and also because I was there with someone special.  (Not that Esther isn’t special but you know what I mean. 😆 )  Italy was just magical.  It would have to be to make me fall in love with a big city.

35mm, a7Rii, black and white, Italy, man, Milan, Navigli District, smoking, Sony, street photography in Italy, sunglasses



  1. July 19, 2017 / 1:17 PM

    Hi Tina, I read all your posts and I’m sorry I didn’t write a comment on each one, but be sure I appreciate all of them.
    It’s funny to see some of your pictures similar to mine (well, we were side to side, it’s normal !) Some are new for me, like the one with the bicycles, I like it a lot, with the young woman staring at you ! I also like the little stories, I didn’t even remember the American lady. I’ve got a picture of her, but unfortunately, not so good, so I keep it for me.

    Tina, I am someone special !!! (but I know what you mean 😉 )
    Thank you for all these posts.

    • Tina
      July 19, 2017 / 9:38 PM

      I emailed the American woman because she gave us her card and told us to email her, but she never emailed me back. 🙁 It was interesting talking to her while we were there.

      You definitely are someone special. I most likely would have just spent all of my time in the Brera district. Instead I got to see other areas of Milan and even take a trip to Venice, and all with a good friend. 🙂

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