The Weekend of Changed Plans

The Weekend of Changed Plans

Sometimes I think it’s best not to plan anything.  This was one of those weekends.  First I couldn’t go hiking on Saturday like I had planned and then I had planned to go to the Redeye Grill and things didn’t go as planned there either.  However, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade, as the saying goes.  Yes, it’s another food post.  As you can probably tell, food will be heavily featured on this blog.  How can it not when food is one of the best parts of life?  😀

I had been hearing for the longest time about the sushi burger.  As someone who loves sushi I knew that I’d have to try it one day.  I made a reservation and waited excitedly all week for Sunday to roll around.  The staff was extremely nice and I was seated right away even though I was a few minutes late, but it wasn’t crowded at that time so it was fine.  I was given the menu and saw that the sushi burger was on it which was a nice surprise because when I was looking it up online I had read that it was on a “secret menu”.  When the waiter came over and I ordered the sushi burger he delivered the bad news.  The sushi burger was unavailable at the time because the sushi chef didn’t get there until 4:00. 😥 I don’t know if that was everyday or just that particular day.  I would have stayed because the menu had some delicious sounding food but I was really craving sushi, so I apologized and left, making a mental note to come back after 4:00 next time.

I went down the list of places that I really liked.  I was torn between going to Yonekichi for their delicious unagi burger or to Sushi Sushi for their delicious everything.  Sushi Sushi won out.  I always go to one on MacDougal St.  I have to try the other location one day.

Sushi Sushi, spicy delight, dinosaur roll, sushi in nyc,

Spicy Delight Roll (front), Dinosaur Roll (back)

The place is small so a lot of people get their food to go.  I usually do as well but I decided to eat there for once.  The plate was a plastic disposable plate but I didn’t mind that.  I guess since (from what I’ve seen) people take their food with them, it’s easier to just have disposable plates.

It’s funny because I know so many people who won’t go to restaurants by themselves because they feel weird.  I’d rather go by myself.  I’d rather do a lot of things by myself.  (Hiking for one.)  Think about it.  You can actually eat your food without worrying about a) talking with a huge wad of food in your cheek, b) spraying food across the table because you need to keep up a constant stream of small talk, or sometimes c) having your food get cold because of the endless small talk.  I like going out to eat with my mom.  We make small talk until the food arrives and then we eat in silence.   😆

I’m not the biggest fan of spicy food.  I just don’t understand the enjoyment in your mouth being on fire.  This roll wasn’t extremely spicy, which I like.  It had a kick to it but it was subtle with just enough to add a bit of extra flavor.  Look at all that beautiful spicy tuna.

Sushi Sushi, spicy delight, sushi in nyc

Spicy Delight Roll

I am a big fan of shrimp tempura so I had to get the Dinosaur Roll as well.

Sushi Sushi, dinosaur roll, sushi in nyc

Dinosaur Roll

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to finish two rolls but I figured that I could take the leftovers home for a tasty snack.  I mean, there’s always room for sushi.  🙂


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