Thoughts On Growing Older and A (Somewhat) Healthy Dinner

Thoughts On Growing Older and A (Somewhat) Healthy Dinner

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I recently bought a Fitbit.  I had been wanting one of those step counters/fitness tracker things for a while.  I bought one off Amazon (not a Fitbit) that had really good reviews, but when I tried it out, it didn’t work properly at all.  It didn’t even count my steps. I tried different wrists, different positions on my wrists.  I tried swinging my arms.  Nada.  I figured I had to shell out money for something that actually worked, so I went to B&H, tried it out in the store, and gritted my teeth and forked over the money, telling myself that it was a small price to pay for something that actually worked and would last for a while.




It was at that point that it really hit home that I’m getting older.  Not because the Fitbit, or fitness trackers in general, is an “old people thing” but because I realized how different I am now.  I watch House Hunters, I look up healthy recipes and how to make vegetables taste better, I can’t tolerate sweet stuff in large doses.  The only exception to that is my coffee, and even that can’t be too sweet, but the look of total horror on my mother’s face one night when she saw how much sugar I put in my coffee makes me think that my version of not sweet, is a normal person’s version of sugar overdose.  In my defense, coffee should be sweet, otherwise it’s like drinking dirt.  My mother and I went to 16 Handles on Sunday.  Normally I’d get a cup and fill it to the brim, with different flavors, a bunch of toppings (the chocolate caramel turtles are my fave), and a mix of white chocolate and raspberry sauces.  (I bet you fell into a sugar coma just reading that.)  This time, almost halfway through I started to feel a bit blah.  I forced myself to eat it all because my mom paid this time (we take turns when we go out to eat), and we both got a little carried away.  Let’s just leave it at that.  I can’t even eat sugary cereals anymore.  I love s’mores, and I used to be able to eat a whole box of the s’mores cereal in about 2 days.  Now, the last time I bought a box it was there for about 2 months and we had to throw some of it out because it went stale.

Enter my obsession with eating a bit healthier, because as you get older and things get hurt more easily/take longer to heal, you realize that you’re not invincible.  You start to notice wrinkles around you eyes, or having to watching what you eat, living in fear of finally spotting that grey hair that signals the beginning of the end of your youth.  Just being a touch dramatic for effect, but it does make me think of Blanche in that episode of The Golden Girls, when she was going through menopause and she told the therapist, “I don’t mind growing older, as long as I always look the same.” 😆 dinner, garlic mashed potatoes, grilled broccoli salad, recipe, roast chicken, roasted red peppers

It was about the time that my oldest brother called our house, “The House of Fatness” (not because we have weight problems, but because apparently our food is so unhealthy, lol), I started looking into healthier recipes. I’m not going to go overboard. I want to live a healthier life but not if it means eating something that tastes and resembles lawn clippings.  I came across a recipe a while back for grilled broccoli salad.  It was good but my mother and I figured we could jazz it up and make it a bit tastier.  The version we use now is so far from the original, but I guess that’s how it goes when you’ve made something for a long time.  Think lots of fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.  Toss on the grilled until it has that beautiful charred look and serve in a bowl with a few shakes of Italian dressing for additional flavor.  We usually add tomatoes, but we didn’t have any this day so they aren’t in this picture of the salad.

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I guess the garlic mashed potatoes aren’t super healthy, although maybe they are? Have you ever noticed that no matter how healthily you think you’re eating, someone always tells you how wrong you are?  I’ve seen people criticized for eating avocados because “they’re so high in fat”, or even for eating fruit!  “Ugh!  That has so much sugar!”  Like damn, it’s not like their whole diet consists of fruit.  Chill.  Anyway, the roast chicken and the grilled broccoli salad are about the healthiest we’re going to eat in this house, so Grant, I hope you can find something that appeals to your tastebuds in this post.  🙂


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