Venice Adventure – Part 1

Venice Adventure – Part 1

My Italy series has almost come to an end.  Thank you to those of you who read all of these posts.  I know it was a lot but I just couldn’t trim it down any more than I did.  I was only there a week and I had all of these pictures, plus a lot more that I didn’t post.  Imagine if I was there a few weeks or a month.  Esther and I went to Venice on a Thursday, but we didn’t leave to go back to our homes until Sunday.  However, I think Venice is a good place to end the series.  Stick with me a little longer because this is a four part series.  Hopefully you’ll think it’s worth it.  I know I had an amazing time there, and we only spent the day there.  Not even an overnight stay, but a good 10 or so hours.

The Venice trip was photographed entirely with my trusty point and shoot, the Sony DSC RX100iii.  These pictures were all shot in RAW as I usually do and then edited a bit later.  Not much because I hate overly edited pictures, but just some minor sharpening and whatnot.  I know I should have taken the bad boy, the a7Rii, but my neck and shoulders were still a bit sore from walking around the Navigli district the day before.  I couldn’t take another full day with that camera around my neck.  Actually, I wear my camera crossbody but that is only a temporary solution.  I think the point and shoot took really nice pictures.  Let me know what you think.  This is what we first saw when we walked out of the train station.

color, DSC RX100iii, Italy, people, Sony, street lamp, Venice

I’ve moved away from black and white photography (I was mostly into that when I did street photography) but I think it works in this picture.  It just felt like such an old school Italian thing to see that I converted it to black and white.  Yes, I know that line drying your clothes isn’t exclusively an Italian thing, but my mom said it reminded her of when she was a little girl growing up in an Italian neighborhood and seeing all the clothes from the neighbors being hung from clotheslines across the apartments.architectural photography, black and white, DSC RX100iii, Italy, laundry, line dry, Sony, Venice, Venice architecture, window gate

Burger King, color, company advertisement, DSC RX100iii, Italy, Sony, Venice

Yes, I’m that person who has to at least try McDonald’s when I’m in another country.  I only had it once just to try it, but once was enough.  (It was in Milan.)  Sorry Italy.  Germany does it better.  I felt like I was eating one of those dried up chicken sandwiches they used to serve us in elementary school.  (It’s been about 20+ years since I’ve been in elementary school.  Maybe food has gotten significantly better since then.)  They desserts they have in Italy at McDonald’s look a lot tastier than the desserts at McDonalds in the USA.  I never got to try them because we were always so full from eating other things.  Food was a big part of our time there. 😆


cave caffe, color, cup, DSC RX100iii, Italy, saucer, Sony, Venice


We must have some form of coffee at least twice a day.  It’s what keeps us going throughout the day.






cave caffe, color, cup, DSC RX100iii, Italy, saucer, Sony, Venice




Check out this cool latte art.




animal print, bejeweled, color, DSC RX100iii, Italy, Magnum, Sony, Venice, window display


How cute are these Magnum bars.  (Clearly for display purposes only. 😀 )






They definitely picked a romantic place for their wedding.  They look so happy.  They were good natured, too.  When they saw us taking their picture they smiled and waved.

Asian, color, DSC RX100iii, gondola, gondolier, Italy, newlyweds, Sony, striped shirt, sunglasses, tattoo, Venice, wedding dress

Okay, so I wasn’t completely done with street photography.  It was nice not to be cursed out or given dirty looks.  Some people looked amused, some just looked confused.alley, beard, briefcase, brown, color, DSC RX100iii, glasses, Italy, monk, Sony, Venice, zip up sweater

Venice was like a maze with little alleys and dead ends.  I loved every minute of it.  There was always something interesting to see no matter which way your feet took you.  We saw a lot of shops selling masks.  A little creepy but definitely interesting.  I love the sign on the right.  “All the masks are made in Venice, not China!!!”

color, DSC RX100iii, Italy, made in Venice, masks, Sony, Venice, window display

The mask with the cards is kind of cool but the mask on the mannequin is creepy.  Probably because of the eyes.  I keep expecting the eyes to shift or blink.

cards, color, DSC RX100iii, Italy, masks, reflection, Sony, Venice, window display

Despite being slightly creeped out by all of the masks, I was fascinated by them.  I have so many pictures of the different window displays.color, DSC RX100iii, feathers, gold, Italy, masks, Sony, Venice, window display

I wonder how the people who live in these buildings feel about all of the tourists who come everyday to wander around.  I hope that people are at least respectful and don’t make too much noise or leave their trash behind.  I think they do.  I found Italy to be very clean, especially compared to NYC.
architectural photography, color, DSC RX100iii, Italy, laundry, line dry, Sony, Venice, Venice architecture

This is so much more charming than a doorbell.  color, door knocker, DSC RX100iii, Italy, lion head, Sony, Venice

So beautiful.  Seriously, can I just move to Italy permanently?color, DSC RX100iii, gate, Italy, Sony, Venice

color, DSC RX100iii, gondola, gondolier, hat, Italy, pole, Sony, striped shirt, tablet, Venice, wall




Esther got such a good shot of this particular scene.  I have to admire the guy for his balance and his quick save.  Imagine crashing into a wall?  Horrors.



Even though I loved being in Milan, it was so nice to get away for the day to a place where there were no cars or motor scooters.  It was so peaceful and relaxing just wandering around through the alleys and courtyards and listening to the gentle lapping of the water.  (Did I get too dorky just now?  I apologize.)  Peace and quiet.  That’s all I really want.  I’m so cranky when I’m in NYC, like most of the people here.  The noise and the crowds just never stop.  The 10 or so hours I spent in Venice were some of the best hours of my life and I’m being 100% serious.  Italy truly is magical.

boats, canal, color, DSC RX100iii, Italy, Sony, Venice



  1. July 21, 2017 / 12:12 PM

    I LOVE this post and you pictures. It’s funny how you edit your pictures in black and white when my photos are in colors and vice versa ! I give an advice for those who read this post : please expand the photos, there are just great ! Italy is magical, for sure…

    • Tina
      July 25, 2017 / 9:46 PM

      Thank you, Esther. 🙂 I’ve sort of moved away from black and white so it’s also funny to me how many of these shots are in black and white. It’s nice to look back at these pictures and remember all of the fun that we had there. I’ll never forget this trip for as long as I live.

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