Venice Adventure – Part 3

Venice Adventure – Part 3

We’ll start this post off with a bit of street photography from Venice.  As soon as I saw this woman I immediately thought of my animal loving niece.  I could totally see her being this lady when she gets older, although she kind of already is this lady.  Last I heard she had a dog and two cats.

bags, black and white, dogs, DSC RX100III, graffiti, Italy, Sony, street photography in Italy, sunglasses, Venice, woman

Asian, bride, bridge, canal, DSC RX100III, gondola, gondolier, groom, Italy, Milan, Sony, street photography in Italy, sunglasses, tattoos, Venice, water



Here’s another shot of the married couple from the last post.  I should have put it in the last post but I missed it so I’m including it in this one.  I can’t think of anything more romantic than getting married in Venice. (Unless it’s getting married in Paris.  Actually, they’re tied for most romantic places to get married.)  The husband seriously cracked me up.



I couldn’t decide whether I liked this picture better in color or black and white.  I’m leaning towards color, especially because I’m kind of moving away from black and white photography.  I loved how she’s standing.  She almost looks like a superhero preparing for battle.

black and white, bubble coat, DSC RX100III, gondola, hat, Italy, posing, Sony, street photography in Italy, sunglasses, Venice, woman

bubble coat, color, gondola, hat, Italy, posing, purple, Sony, street photography in Italy, sunglasses, Venice, woman







This is so me whenever I go out to eat.  I don’t mind.  I like eating alone.  I can actually eat my food instead of concentrating on making small talk with someone else when all I really want to do is eat my food before it gets and white, drink glass, DSC RX100III, Italy, outdoor cafe, sitting, smoking, Sony, street photography in Italy, stripes, Venice

This was just so strange that I had to get a picture.  I’ve seen parents clean their child’s pacifier this way (which I think is weird, sorry not sorry) but she was just walking like this for a while before she reached me.

baby, black and white, DSC RX100III, Italy, pacifier, Sony, street photography in Italy, Venice, woman

I loved just walking around and looking at all people in gondolas and of the canals.  I wish we could have spent more time in Venice, but we did make the most of our day there.canal, color, DSC RX100iii, gondola, gondolier, Italy, poles, Sony, striped shirt, sunglasses, Venice, water, window flowers

All of that walking around made us hungry so Esther and I got a slice of pizza and some sodas and found some steps where we could sit.  Of course, all of that food attracted birds so I spent a fair bit of time shooing them away.  I hate birds.  They fly and poop.  Not a good combination for the unfortunate people below them.  Let’s take a moment or two to admire that beautiful pizza.  Seriously, I enjoyed Italian pizza.  I have no idea what people are talking about when they say that Italian pizza is terrible.  It’s like, are we eating the same thing? Because if you’re eating what I ate then I have no idea how you can think it was anything but fantastic.

color, DSC RX100iii, food photography, Italy, pizza, Sony, Venice

I was so tempted to get some of those sweets but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to control myself and then I’d feel like I was stuffed with wet cement.  😆 What’s up with the doll baby in the window?

candy, color, DSC RX100iii, Italy, pastries, Sony, sweets, Venice, window display

How delicious do all of those pastries look?  I really wanted to get the pistachio one.  Next time.  Haha.

candy, color, DSC RX100iii, Italy, pastries, Sony, sweets, Venice, window display

At one point in the trip I had a total Seinfeld moment and I think it was in Venice at this spot.  Esther and I were walking along and a bird flew past me and its wings hit me in the head.  It was like that episode where Elaine dated the bad breaker upper who told her that she had a big head and when she was walking through the park a bird hit her in the head.

color, DSC RX100iii, Italy, Sony, town square, Venice

You can totally see Esther and me in the window.  We both have our shopping bags after making a few purchases.  I bought some of my favorite items in Venice including a beautiful yellow dress (that came with a necklace) for only €10, and a gorgeous forest green purse.  That was €50 but I think it was worth it.  I still haven’t used it.  I’m saving it in case I ever have dinner with royalty. 😆color, DSC RX100iii, Italy, mannequins, newspaper, reflections, Sony, Venice, window display



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